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An Alvia 103 train has arrived in Seville on a Madrid - Cadiz service
Alvia (103/703) (Spain)
An Alvia (102) train has arrived in Bilbao
Alvia (120) (Spain)
An ALX (Alex) train at Munchen Hbf
ALX (Bavorski Express/Regio)
An Avant train has arrived in Sevilla
Avant (Spain)
All that's good to know about travelling on an Avanti West Coast Pendolino
Avanti Pendolino (UK)
Avanti Super Voyager (UK)
An AVE (100) train arrives in Avignon on a RENFE-SNCF service
AVE (100) (Spain)
An AVE (102) train has arrived in Malaga
AVE (102/112) (Spain)
An (AVE 103) train has arrived in Madrid
AVE (103) (Spain)
avlo (Spain)
The Bernina Express to Tirano waits to depart from Chur
Bernina Express (Switzerland)
One of the newer BOB trains
BOB (Switzerland)
Caledonian Sleeper (UK)
CD Night
CD Night (Canopus)
A front view of a Czech Railways (CZ) Railjet (RJ) train
CD Railjet (Czechia/international)
A Chiltern Railways Clubman train has arrived in Oxford
Chiltern Railways Clubman (UK)
Chiltern Railways Mark 3 (UK)
A 4 coach version of a CrossCountry Vogager train has arrived in Exeter...
CrossCountry Voyager (UK)
An ICE Velaro D train arrives at Paris Est
A TGV awaits departure from Frankfurt (Main)
Two train units can be joined together on some departures to form an exceptionally long train
EC Astoro
Corridor in 1st class compartment coach
EC (Austria <> Croatia and Slovenia)
One of the German style coaches used on the Berlin - Warszawa Express trains
EC (Berlin - Warszawa Express)
The train to Klagenfurt awaits departure from Koblenz
EC (Germany - Austria/Croatia/Slovenia)
An EC train from Munchen has arrived in Verona
EC (Italy - Austria - Germany)
The restaurant car on a Budapest to Warszawa train
EC (Poland - Austria/Hungary/Czech Republic/Germany)
Exterior of a Swiss IC train typically used on these EC services
EC (Switzerland - Germany/Austria)
Exterior view of the EC trains used on routes through The Gotthard Base Tunnel
EC (Switzerland/Italy - ETR 600)
Test Image as seen on the SBB website
EC Giruno
Exterior of Czech train at Dresden on a Praha - Hamburg journey
EC Metropolitan (Germany <> Czechia <> Hungary)
A refurbished Polish InterCity coach being used on an EIC service between Wien and Warszawa
EIC (Poland)
Exterior of EIP train - the fastest trains in Poland
EIP (Poland)
EMR Express Sprinter
A Euromed train service has arrived in Valencia
Euromed (Spain)
Image coming soon...
EuroNight (Alpine Pearls)
The 'Dacia' train awaits departure from Wien Hbf
EuroNight (CFR)
Image coming soon...
Euronight (Czech - Slovakia)
Image coming soon...
EuroNight (Czechia, Hungary <> Poland)
The seating coaches used for the overnight journey
EuroNight (Ister)
Image coming soon...
EuroNight (Lisinski)
Image coming soon...
Euronight (Metropol)
Image coming soon...
EuroNight Chopin (Austria <> Poland and Berlin)
Exterior of a Hungarian (MAV) sleeping car
EuroNight Kálmán Imre (Hungary - Germany /Switzerland)
A guide to the European Sleeper train travel experience
European Sleeper Train
Exterior of a refurbished Thalys train - note the red doors
Eurostar (formerly Thalys)
A Eurostar e300 train
Eurostar e300
A Eurostar e320 train at Gare Du Nord
Eurostar e320
Frecce trains: A summary (Italy)
One of the tilting trains used on Frecciabianca services
Frecciabianca (Italy)
An ETR 485 train used on Frecciargento train services on routes south of Rome
Frecciargento (Italy)
A full side view of a Frecciarossa 1000 train - two of these trains can be joined together
Frecciarossa 1000 (Italy)
A Frecciarossa train has arrived at Venezia St Lucia
Frecciarossa 500 (Italy)
These trains which used to be classified as Frecciargento services have been rebranded as Frecciarossa 600 services
Frecciarossa 600 (Italy)
Frecciarossa 700 (Italy)
These Gatwick Express are easy to spot as they're specifically branded
Gatwick Express Electrostar (UK)
The Glacier Express train descends down the Oberalp Pass towards Andermatt
Glacier Express (Switzerland)
A journey on the Golden Pass Express
Golden Pass Express (Switzerland)
Exterior view of one of the 1st class observation cars used on the Gotthard Panorama Express
Gotthard Panorama Express
These Adelante trains can travel at up to 125 mph/200 kmh
Grand Central Adelante (UK)
An Electrostar train operated by Great Northern heads to London
Great Northern Electrostar (UK)
Greater Anglia Aventra (UK)
Greater Anglia Intercity (UK)
How to travel on IET trains operated by GWR
The front end a SBB LD/Twindexx train - note the red frames the black
IC (LD/Twindexx) (Switzerland)
Exterior view of a train used for IC services in Austria
IC (Austria)
A Belgian IC train formed of I11 coaches
IC (Belgium)
Exterior of an IC4 train, these are used on a few of DSB Intercity departures
IC (Denmark)
IC trains at the Gare Du Nord
IC (France)
A DB IC train departs from Koln Hbf
IC (Germany)
Hungarian (MAV) IC train at Budapest Kelenfold
IC (Hungarian)
Image coming soon...
IC (Poland)
An ICM train as used for some Dutch IC train services
IC (single-deck) (Netherlands)
IC (Switzerland)
An IC train to Amsterdam at Berlin Hbf
IC Berlin/IC Berlijn (Germany <> Netherlands)
Exterior of NS VIRM train used for Dutch Intercity services
IC double-deck (Netherlands)
IC Pendolino (Czechia)
Close up of a Danish IC train on an EC service at Hamburg Hbf
IC/EC (Denmark / Germany)
An ICN train
IC/ICN (Switzerland)
front end of an ICE 1 train
ICE 1 (Germany)
Two ICE 2 trains have been combined for the remainder of the journey
ICE 2 (Germany)
An ICE 3 (406) train on a Bruxelles - Frankfurt service
ICE 3 (Germany)
ICE 4 (Germany)
An exterior view of an ICE-T train
ICE T (Germany)
An ICE1 train
ICE Trains (an overview)
ICNG (Netherlands)
Exterior of a refurbished SNCF Intercités train
Intercités (France)
Intercités de Nuit
A refurbished train with the new red/white colour scheme
Intercity (Italy)
An IC train service has arrived in Algeciras
Intercity (Spain)
Note the comparatively small size of the coaches
InterCity (Talgo) (Spain)
The front end of a Twindexx train
Intercity 2 (Germany)
The label on the doors of an InterCity Brussels train
Intercity Brussels (Belgium <> Netherlands)
Branding on the doors of an Intercity Direct train services
Intercity Direct (Netherlands)
Intercity Notte (Italy)
An IR service on the Brig - Geneve route
IR (Switzerland)
Iryo will use Italian Frecciarossa 1000 trains for its Spanish services
iryo (Spain)
One of the newer Italo trains which are mainly used on services to/from Venice/Venezia
Italo (Italy)
One of the older JB trains
JB (Switzerland)
The Azuma with 'Together', the Pride-themed livery! Together', our Pride-themed livery with each carriage featuring a different LGBTQIA flag
LNER Azuma (UK)
The Intercity train which has been repainted to echo its original livery
LNER Intercity 225 (UK)
A Desiro train to the right of a Pendolino train
LNWR Desiro (UK)
Exterior view of the trains used by NSB on most Regiontog services
Long-distance (Norway)
Lötschberger (Switzerland)
The guide to taking a Lumo train service
Lumo (UK)
These DSB IC3 trains are still used on nearly all Lyn servcies
Lyn (Denmark)
A Media-Distancia (MD) train has arrived in Sevilla
Media-Distancia (MD) (Spain)
Exterior of Meridian train
Meridian (Germany)
A MGB train arrives in Visp
MGB (Switzerland)
Exterior of a standard train
MOB (Switzerland)
A MTR Express at Stockholm Central
MTR Express (Sweden)
A press release photo of the recently redesigned bar car
Night Riviera (UK)
Northern Civity (UK)
Northern Sprinter (UK)
A Nightjet after arrival at Wien Hbf
OBB Nightjet (Austria)
How to travel by Nightjet
OBB Nightjet (international)
OBB Nightjet - new generation
A side view of a Railjet train - the top tier OBB trains
ÖBB Railjet (RJ/RJX) (Austria/International)
Exterior view of an Øresundståg train
Oresundstag (Denmark <> Sweden)
Ouigo (Spain)
A Ouigo train in Marseille
Ouigo (TGV) aka Ouigo Grande Vitesse (France)
OUIGO Train Classique
The type of train most often used on the double-deck RE services
RE (Switzerland)
Exterior of double deck Regio train
Regio (Germany)
Exterior of a Regiojet train
RegioJet (Czechia/International)
A train from Barcelona has arrived in La Tour De Carol
Regional Express (Spain)
A double-deck train as used on some Regional-tog services in Denmark
Regional-tog (Denmark)
Newer trains (on the left) are gradually replacing older trains (on the right) used for Regionale (R) services
Regionale (Italy)
Two of the older type of trains that for the time being dominate Regionale Veloce services
Regionale Veloce (Italy)
One of the newer type of trains used for REX services (and on the Innsbruck S-Bahn)
REX (Austria)
Announcements are made on the train alerting you to this photo opportunity near Filisur (before Filisur when heading south)
RhB (Switzerland)
A train used on local services to/from Innsbruck
S-Bahn (Austria)
Berlin S-Bahn train -  front view
S-Bahn (Germany)
Exterior view of an S-Tog train
S-tog (Denmark)
A SuperCity train awaits departure from Praha
SC SuperCity (Czechia)
ScotRail Desiro
A train awaits departure from Glasgow - note the cycle symbol
ScotRail eXpress (UK)
The iconic 125 trains are used for the Inter7City services
ScotRail Inter7City (UK)
The Scotrail Sprinter travel experience
ScotRail Sprinter (UK)
A ScotRail Turbostar train has arrived in Dundee
ScotRail Turbostar (UK)
A SJ InterCity train at Stockholm Central station
SJ InterCity (Sweden)
Exterior view of SJ Night Train
SJ Night Train (Sweden)
SJ Regional train at Goteborg Central
SJ Regional (Sweden)
A SJ 3000 on Malmo - Goteborg Snabbtag service
Snabbtåg SJ 3000 (Sweden)
A X2000 train at Stockholm Central
Snabbtåg X2000 (Sweden)
A Snälltåget train at Malmo C station
Snälltåget (Sweden)
Snälltåget Night
These 'Desiro' trains are used on the London - Southampton - Bournemouth - Weymouth route
South Western Railway Desiro (UK)
One of the refurbished trains has arrived in Exeter
South Western Railway Express Sprinter (UK)
The band of yellow indicated first class and a band of red indicates the mobility seating area
Southeastern Electrostar (UK)
A Javelin train has arrived in Canterbury
Southeastern Javelin (UK)
First Class is always located at either end of the train
Southern Railway Electrostar (UK)
Exterior view of a new single deck NS Sprinter train
Sprinter (Netherlands)
A relatively new TER train with large windows
TER (France)
TFW Class 197 (UK)
A Premier train operated by Transport For Wales
TFW Premier (UK)
The guide to travelling on TFW  Rail train used on routes to and from Manchester
TFW Rail Coradia (UK)
A TGB (TGV) service has arrived at Bruxelles Midi/Brussels Zuid station
TGV Bruxelles - France
Exterior view - note the destinations listed above the windows
TGV France/Italy
TGV InOui (Atlantique)
TGV InOui (Duplex)
A TGV Océane train has arrived in Toulouse
TGV InOui (Océane)
Exterior view
TGV InOui France - Espagne
A Lyria train has arrived in Paris
TGV Lyria (France <> Switzerland)
A TGV POS train when it was being used for Lyria services
A Thameslink 700 train on the Cambridge - Brighton route
Thameslink 700 (UK)
A TGV Sud-Est train on the left and a TGV Duplex on the right
The general guide to TGV trains
Image coming soon...
TLK (Poland)
A TMR train on the 'St Berneard Express' service
TMR (Switzerland)
Torre Oro (Spain)
TPE 185
TPE Nova 1 (UK)
TPE Nova 2 (UK)
Image has been taken from the website
Traverso (Switzerland)
Vy Nattåg (Nordland)
One of the newer WAB trains
WAB (Switzerland)
The exterior of a Westbahn train
Westbahn (Austria)
The exterior of a Westbahn train
Westbahn Kiss
A Luzern-Interlaken Express train
ZB Express (Switzerland)