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Travel On Train Lumo (UK)
The guide to taking a Lumo train service

Lumo (UK)

Lumo is a new low-cost rail operator which offers an alternative to travelling with LNER on the London ↔ Edinburgh route.
Lumo is using the same trains that LNER has branded Azuma, but Lumo has taken a different approach to how the interior is fitted, along with a more basic overall on-board experience; which includes a lack of 1st class being available on the Lumo trains.
This is indicative that Lumo is open about its intention to view the airlines operating on the London ↔ Edinburgh route and not LNER's on board service as it's primary competitor.


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SMTJ has yet to experience a journey on a Lumo train, but The Scotsman newspaper has taken a ride

Aside from the lack of First Class the key features of the coaches on a Lumo train are:

  • There are only two sets of table seats per coach, so most of the seats are airline style
  • The number of seats which don't line up particularly with the windows.

Seat reservations:

When booking on the Lumo website or app seats will be assigned, though if you book Flexible tickets you can opt to contact Lumo post-booking and make a complimentary reservation.
You cannot select specific seats when booking, but on Lugo trains there are lights by the seat numbers; green = available, red - occupied; which will indicate the alternative seats you can move to after departure if you discover that your seat isn't forward facing, or by a window etc.
Though there is no guarantee you will be able to move to your seat preference.

If you book last minute at station you won't be assigned seats, so some seats in coach E, which is at the front of trains heading north, are specifically set aside for passengers joining without reservations.


Lumo trains are not fitted with bar/bistro counters at which food/drink can be ordered, but a catering trolley will be taken through the train, from which snacks and cold/hot drinks can be ordered.
More substantial items, including branded sandwiches, can be ordered pre-boarding up tp 10 hours prior to departure.


The luggage racks within the coaches are fairly small, they can accommodate around six medium sized suitcases, hence the luggage info on the Lumo website, specifically stating 'we can only allow three items per person – this can be made up of a maximum of one medium sized suitcase, a carry-on bag and one a final piece of luggage that must be small enough to fit on your lap if required'.
Only folding bicycles can be taken on board Lumo trains; and this is the equivalent of the carry on bag within the allowance.

For lager items or a volume of items above the maximum, Lumo offers a door-to-door service.


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