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The founder of ShowMeTheJourney gleaned much of the info presented on the service by taking more than 320 train rides across Europe.

Thanks to his adventures, you can now benefit from the tips he accumulated and the lessons learned from the errors made, so that you can too can have the trips of a lifetime!

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Episode 1: Solving a metro puzzle
Through the Moselle river valley by train
Episode 10: the best of Germany by train A day trip which included Germany's most thrilling rail journey and its most romantic!
Travelling from Basel to Zurich on a Lyria train
Episode 11: A thrilling journey through three countries Having breakfast in Köln and dinner in Milano, thanks to a fabulous and easy journey.
Through the Bernina Pass on a journey from Milan to Innsbruck
Episode 12: Catering Mishaps Don't Spoil A Beautiful Day Heading to Innsbruck from Milano by travelling through Switzerland on the stunning Albula and Bernin...
Episode 13: A morning in Munich, an afternoon in Innsbruck and an evening in Italy Tips for finding a hotel at a station and using one of Europe's largest stations, München Hbf, plus ...
Episode 2: Why and Where
Episode 3: Going under ground
Episode 4: Stockholm to Malmo
Episode 5: Wowed and Puzzled in Copenhagen
Episode 6: Back to Denmark the long way round
Episode 7: Copenhagen to Cologne
Episode 8: A day trip to Amsterdam AND Bruxelles part 1
Episode 9: A day trip to Amsterdam AND Bruxelles part 2