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A press release photo of the recently redesigned bar car

Night Riviera (UK)


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The Night Riveria travel summary:

The Night Riviera overnight train service has been recently been transformed for the better as the entire train has been refurbished.
This video showcases the improved journey experience, though at its conclusion it states that these new coaches are coming soon, but they have already entered service.

The Accommodation:

The train conveys a mix of sleeping cabins, coaches with the type of seats used on daytime services and a revamped, rather smart bar car, which can be accessed by all ticket holders.

The sleeping cabins either house one single bed, or two beds, which are arranged bunk style one above the other.

When travelling solo you can either opt to occupy a single cabin or a berth in double cabin, though if you take up the option to book a double cabin when travelling alone, you’ll likely be sharing cabin with somebody of the same gender.

The top bunk can be folded out of the way to make a double cabin feel more spacious, so if this hasn’t been done having booked a single cabin, you can ask the conductor to do so when boarding.

The cabins are fitted with power sockets, space to hang clothes and a sink for washing with complimentary toiletries.
However, the lavatories are outside the cabin and the ends of the coaches which house the sleeping cabins.
No showers are available on the train, but showers are available to sleeping cabin passengers in the Night Riviera lounge at Penzance station.

Connecting doors can be made available between cabins, so that for example, parents can be in one cabin, while children occupy the next cabin.


The train to the west isn’t usually scheduled to depart from Paddington station until 23:45, but passengers can board from 22:30.
Travellers with sleeping cabin tickets can use the First Class lounge from 21:00 which is located on platform 1, which the train is usually scheduled to depart from.
Complimentary hot and cold drinks and snacks are available in the lounge.


Sleeping car passengers can have a complimentary drink in the on-board bar before retiring for the night.
The conductor will take orders for a complimentary breakfast which will be served in the cabin, the options include croissants, porridge, bacon rolls and cereals.

Travellers in the seats can purchase food and drink from the on-board bar.

How the tickets costs are calculated:

When travelling in the seats, the pricing policy for the journey is no different to the daytime trains, so discounted Advance tickets will be able.
When booking the sleeping cabins the standard policy is that the price of occupying a sleeping cabin, is added to the price of travelling in a seat.

A bed in a single cabin costs £75 and a bed in double cabin is £45.
So when two people are travelling together, total price will be 2 x journey tickets + a £90 payment for the cabin.

Solo travellers don’t have to pay the £75 fee for a single cabin, they can opt to pay the £45 fee for a bed in a double cabin, but can then expect to be sharing the cabin with another solo traveller of the same gender.

Package tickets for when family groups and other large parties are travelling together are also typically available.


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