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Travelling by MOB's trains:

The Chemin de fer Montreux–Oberland Bernois (MOB) operates trains on a number of routes from Montreux that are branded ‘Golden Pass’ trains.

The main route taken is The Golden Pass route Montreux – Montvobon – Gstaad – Zweisimmen (in either direction).

Another route links Zweisimmen with Lenk.

MOB operates four different types of train service on the route between Montreux and Zweisimmen:

Standard trains that travel the length of the route between Montreux and Zweisimmen stopping at all stations, local trains that travel on parts of the route only and its special Panoramic and Belle-Epoque trains.

The Panoramic trains:

Interior of a Panoramic Train Interior of a Panoramic Train

These trains have particularly large windows, this is the guide on the MOB website.

The Panoramic trains also have a lounge at the end of the train for 360 views, seats in these lounge are limited, so reservations are recommended - a surcharge applies to the ticket price to travel in these lounges and rail pass users have to pay a supplement pre-boarding in order to travel in these lounges.

The Belle-Epoque trains

Interior of MOB Belle-Epoque (Classic) train Interior of MOB Belle-Epoque (Classic) train

Also referred to as 'Classic Trains' they resemble a miniature Orient Express,, this is the guide on the MOB website.

Choosing a type of train:

The timetable is arranged so that during the day there is 1 x train an hour in both directions between Montreux and Zweissimmen.

However, as will be seen above, not all trains making the journey are Panoramic or Belle-Epoque trains.

The MOB online timetable shows the different types of train providing each departure.

Rail pass users can travel on any train at no additional cost, so just hop on board.


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