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The exterior of a Westbahn train

Westbahn Kiss

Westbahn is now using these new double-decked 'Kiss' trains on the Wien/Vienna ↔ München/Munich route.
A key difference with the Westbahn trains used on the routes solely within Austria is that these trains offer three classes of seating; First, Comfort and Standard.


At a Glance

Time of Day


Which country these trains operate in.

Travel Comforts

Power Socket

Accessing the train

Bikes Allowed
Wheelchair Spaces

Travel Pass Supplement

Rail Pass Reservation Fees

Food services available

Bar (sandwiches, snacks, salads)
Train Specification

Attributes of the train

Has a Conductor
Travel Passes

On Board


At Seat Catering

According to the time of day of travel, passengers will be able to choose from a menu of catering options, which will then be served at their seats.

Similar leather clad-seats to those used in Comfort Class, but the seats are wider and they are spaced further apart, hence more leg room and more space when sitting adjacent to another passenger.
The seats are also arranged 2 + 1 across the aisle so seats are 'solo' and have no place next to them.
All seats are at tables.
The luggage racks in First Class are larger than those in Standard Class.


Trolley Service:

Similar to leather-clad seats used First Class, but they are both narrow and closer together; they are also arranged 2 + 2 across the aisle.
All seats are at tables.
The luggage racks in Comfort Class are larger than those in Standard Class.


Trolley Service:

A catering trolley with hot and cold drinks and snacks should be taken through the train at some point during its journey.

The majority of the seats in Standard Class are arranged airline style.

Travel Summary:

All Westbahn trains have lower and upper decks.

However, when booking standard tariff tickets, your seat(s) will be assigned, and you cannot change those you have been allocated, so you will be seated automatically on the lower or upper decks.


Westbahn trains have an on board café which equipped with vending machines which sell hot/cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks and salads.
You can either take these back to your seat, or consume them on the seats in the cafe area.

If you travel First Class, you won't have to visit the cafe car, as all items which can be purchased there are available as an at-seat service.
If the train isn't too busy, this at-seat service MAY also be provided in 2nd class.


If you want to take a non-folding bike on board a Westbahn train you can either, reserve a space prior to boarding for €5, or board without reserving and IF space is available you can pay €10 to stow your bike.


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