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Lötschberger (Switzerland)


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Lotschberger trains travel guide:

Lötschberger is the name of a service rather than a train - these trains have the Lötschberger branding because this the only service to travel the length of the highly scenic Lötschberg Railway - which used to be the route taken by express trains between Switzerland and Italy.

The express trains have been diverted away into the Lötschberg Base Tunnel, but these Lötschberger services still travel via Kandersteg.
A route that is so fabulous it merited inclusion on the list of Switzerland's fifteen most beautiful train journeys.

These trains are operate by BLS, it and SBB are the two principle operators of mainline trains in Switzerland - but SBB sells tickets for journeys by BLS trains.

There's nothing special about the trains themselves, apart from the Lötschberger branding on their exteriors, they're little different to the trains which BLS uses for its commuter services.
What makes a journey by these trains worth taking is the incredible scenery that they pass through - sit on the left when travelling from Brig and on the right when heading south from Spiez.


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