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Travel On Train TFW Class 197 (UK)

TFW Class 197 (UK)

These brand new trains are now being used by TFW on multiple routes within Wales and on services between Cardiff and both Manchester and Holyhead.


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Standard Class


These trains only have Standard Class / 2nd class seating, but as they are new, they are equipped with what are now standard on-board features such as power sockets, info screens and access to Wi-fi.

They are part of a the 'Civity' type of trains constructed by CAF in SPain, and most of these 'Civity' trains are used on shorter-distance local and regional routes.
Though what sets these trains apart, is that they have been fitted with seats more commonly used for trains which take longer-distance routes, including the GWR IET trains.

The trains have either two or three cars, but they are designed so that multiple trains can be combined to provide additional seats on popular departures


These trains are now operating on these routes:

  • Manchester Airport ↔ Holyhead / Llandudno
  • Manchester Piccadilly ↔ South Wales (alternating with TFW Premier trains)
  • Cardiff ↔ Holyhead (1 x service each day is provided by TFW Premier trains)
  • Llandudno ↔ Blaenau Ffestiniog (the Conwy Valley line)
  • Cardiff ↔ Ebbw Vale
  • Cardiff ↔ Maesteg

By the close of 2024 they should also be introduced on these routes

  • Birmingham ↔ Holyhead
  • Birmingham ↔ Aberystwyth / Pwllheli (the Cambrian route)


On the Manchester ↔ South Wales route a catering trolley should be taken through the train, to provide an at seat service of hot and cold drinks and snacks.


Seat reservations are available on the Manchester ↔ Llandudno / Holyhead and Manchester ↔ South Wales routes, they will automatically be offered when booking Advance tickets.


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