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Travel On Train TGV Lyria (France <> Switzerland)
A Lyria train has arrived in Paris

TGV Lyria (France <> Switzerland)

If you will be taking a journey by Lyria trains our guide will tell you the key things you need to know about making the most of the journey experience.


At a Glance

Travel Pass Supplement

Rail Pass Reservation Fees

Time of Day


Accessing the train

Wheelchair Spaces
Bikes Allowed
Train Specification

Attributes of the train

Has a Conductor
High Speed (total journey)

Food services available

Bistro (bar food and take away meals)

Which country these trains operate in.

Travel Passes

On Board



A complimentary WiFi portal is available throughout this train.

Power Socket

The power sockets on this train are compatible with standard E.U. two point plugs.


At Seat Catering

According to the time of day of travel, passengers will be able to choose from a menu of catering options, which will then be served at their seats.


A complimentary WiFi portal is available throughout this train.

Power Socket

The power sockets on this train are compatible with standard E.U. two point plugs.

The Business Class service is not available on Saturdays.
Travel with a Business Class ticket on the other days of the week and you will be travelling in same comfortable seating saloons as the 1st class/Premiere class passengers, but will be able to access additional at-seat benefits including a complimentary hot meal and refreshing hot towels, plus unlimited drinks.
A Quiet Zone is also available.
You will also be able to access the Grand Voyager business lounge at the Gare De Lyon.



A complimentary WiFi portal is available throughout this train.

Power Socket

The power sockets on this train are compatible with standard E.U. two point plugs.

Travel summary:

Lyria is the SERVICE of high speed trains between France and Switzerland and now ALL Lyria services are scheduled to be operated by double-deck trains.

The trains used for the Lyria services have also being provided with new look interiors, which SMTJ has yet to experience hence the lack of images.


TGV-Lyria services are the only direct trains on these routes:

(1) Paris Gare De Lyon - Dijon - Basel - Zurich (and Bern)

(2) Paris Gare De Lyon - Bellegarde - Geneve - (Lausanne)

(3) Paris - Gare De Lyon - Frasne - Lausanne

(4) Marseille - Avignon TGV - Lyon - Bellegarde - Geneve


Seats will automatically be assigned when booking tickets for journeys by Lyria trains, you will have a choice between travelling on the upper or lower decks.

Rail pass users will need to have made reservations prior to boarding (see below).

Using rail passes:

If you have a rail pass you will need to reserve a seat(s) - EXCEPT for journeys between Basel and Zurich, between those cities no rail pass reservation fees apply.

However, if you will be using a Eurail or InterRail pass, our advice is to avoid taking Lyria train services, when travelling between Paris and Switzerland.

The rail pass reservation fee/supplement is comparable to the cheapest discounted point-2-point tickets.
So once you factor in the cost per day of using the rail pass, taking a Lyria train service becomes particularly expensive.

Though there are cheaper alternatives available, so you can still include journeys between Paris and Switzerland on a rail pass itinerary.

Paris to Basel and Zurich

Paris to Geneva

Paris to Interlaken

Geneva to Paris

Zurich and Basel to Paris

For journeys between Paris and Lausanne the balance begins to tip in favour of paying the Lyria reservation fee.
To avoid it you’ll need to change trains in both Geneve AND Lyon.


There are two ways in which to travel with your bike on a Lyria train.

(1) If you fold or disassemble your bike and place it in a bag or case no larger than 120 cm high by 90 cm wide, you can take it on board as hand luggage and place it in the luggage storage areas.

(2) If you don't want to disassemble a non-folding bike then it can be taken on most, but not all Lyria departures, subject to spaces still being available.
Though these bike tickets cannot be booked online, they can only be booked at the international ticket counters at stations in France and Switzerland, they cost €10.


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