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Travel On Train REX (Austria)
One of the newer type of trains used for REX services (and on the Innsbruck S-Bahn)

REX (Austria)


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A train being used for a REX service from Wien Hauptbahnhof A train being used for a REX service from Wien Hauptbahnhof

REX travel guide:

REX is the regional train service provided by Austria's national rail operator, OBB.
They're the stopping train services outside of the big cities and tend to be found on the secondary routes and the branch lines operated by OBB.

Though some faster, long distance commuter routes to/from Wien/Vienna have REX trains - including the route between Wien/Vienna and Bratislava.

The trains used for REX services come in many shapes and sizes, some have loco hauled coaches, while many trains are used on these service are relatively new.
The more modern trains, including those we have captured images of, are also used for the local (S-Bahn) services in the major cities.

These more modern trains also wheelchair spaces, but some of the older trains don't have them, so if you require them it's worth confirming the availability before heading to the station.

A distinguishing feature of REX train services, irrespective of the actual train used, is that they tend to be 2nd class only,
So if you're considering exploring Austria's wonderful railways with a rail pass - then the balance tips against 1st class passes if you will be mainly taking REX trains.

Key routes:

The primary routes taken for REX services, particularly on Mon-Fri are:
(1) Salzburg - Schawarzach St Veit - Kitzbuhel - Zell am See - Worgl (connect for Jenbach and Innsbruck)
(2) Innsbruck - Jenbach - Worgl - Kufstein
(3) Innsbruck - Landeck
(4) Innsbruck - Seefeld in Tirol - Garmisch (in Germany)
(5) Graz - Leoben - Seltzhal
(6) Linz - Kirchdorf/Krems - Seltzhal - Liezen
(7) Attnang-Puchheim - Hallstatt - Bad Ischl - Stainach-Irdning
(8) Wien Hbf - Wiener Neustadt - Payerbach Reichenau (connect for Semmering)
(9) Wien Franz-Josefs Banhof - Krems an der Donau


The more modern trains used on the REX services have bike racks, but the older trains don't have them.
Non-folding bikes can only be taken on board the trains which have the racks, as they're the only place its permitted in which to stow a bike.
So it's worth looking up a journey on the OBB (Austria's national rail operator )website before heading for the station, find a bike symbol and the train will have a rack.


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