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Travel On Train EMR Express Sprinter
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EMR Express Sprinter

These older trains still provide the majority of the services on this route, though they are gradually being replaced by Turbostar trains.
First Class is not available on these trains.


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Reservations are available

Bikes Allowed

Non-folding standard bicycles, can be taken on to this train, but must then be placed in the bike spaces. Check the info below regarding whether bike tickets and/or reservations are required pre-boarding.

Wheelchair Spaces

Dedicated spaces for wheelchairs are available on this train.

These are some of the oldest trains still used on the national rail network, and they offer comparatively limited facilities considering the longer-distance routes which they can operate.

Luggage space on these train is also comparatively limited, try to travel with two small bags rather than one larger item.

Bike spaces:
Up to two non-folding bicycles can be stored on these trains, but spaces must be reserved prior to boarding.

Assisted Travel:*
Since January 2020 these trains have been compliant with PRM-TSI, the details for booking Assisted Travel in advance is available on the EMR website.


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