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A guide to the European Sleeper train travel experience

European Sleeper Train

All that's good to know about the trains being used on the new European Sleeper train route which links Bruxelles/Brussels and Amsterdam with Berlin.

European Sleeper is a company which is now providing overnight trains on a Bruxelles - Antwerp - Roosendal - Rotterdam - Den Haag/The Hague* - Amsterdam - Amersfoort* - Deventer ↔ Berlin route.
So this is a guide to travelling by its specific trains being used on this route, it's not a generic guide to all of the sleeper trains in Europe.
*= It's not possible to travel from Berlin to these locations.


At a Glance


Which country these trains operate in.

Time of Day


Train Specification

Attributes of the train

Has a Conductor
Travel Comforts

Air Conditioned
Travel Pass Supplement

Rail Pass Reservation Fees
Travel Passes

On Board

Sleepers - Deluxe

Power Socket

The power sockets on this train are compatible with standard E.U. two point plugs.

On other night trains 'Deluxe cabins' is used as a category when additional benefits such as a shower are available in the cabin
However. on these European Sleeper trains, it's being used as an indicator that the sleeper cabins will be more comfortable than the alternative couchettes.
The only washing facility in these cabins is a basin, though complimentary towels and toiletries will be provided.

The toilets are outside the cabin at the ends of the side corridor on the train.

Each cabin houses three bunk-style beds which will be made-up with sheets, pillow and a duvet, a seating area is also available
When the cabin has been booked for single or double occupancy, one or two of the beds will be folded back against the wall.
Some cabins are female only.

The cabin is not air-conditioned.

Passengers hand their passports and other relevant travel documents to the train manager, who will then deal with border control staff.
The other key difference with travelling in the couchettes is that a wake up call can be arranged with the train conductor, a particularly useful service, if you will be making a journey from Berlin to an intermediate station such as Rotterdam or Antwerp.

Couchettes - Comfort

Power Socket

The power sockets on this train are compatible with standard E.U. two point plugs.

In common with the couchettes on other European night train services, the accommodation is a compartment accessed by a side corridor on the train.
When boarding seats will be available, which later in the journey will be converted into bunk style berths; additional bunks will be folded out from the walls.
The compartments house 6 or 4 bunks, places in the 6 bunk cabins are typically cheaper.
Though an unusual feature of these European Sleeper trains is that it's possible for an individual to pay a higher price in order to reserve the entire compartment for sole occupancy - a luxury that's more typically available when travelling in sleeper cabins.
Sheets and a pillow will be provided, but not a duvet.

The compartments are not air conditioned.

Female only compartments are available.

The washing facilities are in the toilets which will be found at the ends of the corridors in each coach.



Seats in compartments are also available and when travelling to/from Berlin, it's possible for groups of family and friends to book an entire compartment for sole use.
The compartments are not air conditioned.


Travel in the 'Sleeper Deluxe' and you will be woken with a complimentary continental style breakfast and a drink, in the couchettes you will be offered a smaller breakfast and a bottle of water.
Additional items can be ordered from the conductor, by all passengers.


Spaces for non-folding bikes are available which can be added to a booking


You can travel with a dog if it accompanies a travelling party, which has booked the entire cabin, couchette or seating compartment.


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