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Travel On Train Regional-tog (Denmark)
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A double-deck train as used on some Regional-tog services in Denmark

Regional-tog (Denmark)

Welcome to the guide to travelling on the trains which provide the regional services in Denmark; which typically skip the stations close to cities served by local trains, but then can at all of the remaining stations on a line.


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The same single-deck trains that are used for IC services are also used on some regional routes The same single-deck trains that are used for IC services are also used on some regional routes

In Demmark Regional-tog is a service and not a specific train, so multiple types of train are used.
On routes to and from Kobenhavm/Copenhagen double-deck trains are more common, because the routes these trains take are popular with long-distance commuters.
However, on other routes the same types of train that are used for the longer-distance IC services are also used on these regional routes.


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