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Snälltåget Night

A summary of the key things worth knowing about the train being used on the new overnight route between Stockholm and Berlin

These trains convey two types of coaches, those which house seats as used on daytime services, plus 'compartments' which house bunk beds and are therefore the equivalent of couchettes; sleeping compartments with seats which convert to bunk-style beds for the night time section of the journey.


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In common with the couchettes used on other overnight trains on continental Europe, in the compartments passengers sleep in their daytime clothes on the bunks which are available on these French trains.
Pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets and duvets for making the bed are included in the price, but if you'll want the extra comfort of an additional pillow etc, you'll need to bring it with you.

On boarding the train will be arranged as for daytime use with two rows of seats opposite each other, so at some point during the journey the travellers can convert the compartment for overnight use with 6 bunks being available in each compartment.

Snälltåget offers two booking options for a place in the compartments:

(1) Shared compartments for 'solo' travellers; a cheaper option because having booked this option you'll then share the compartment with other travellers who have also booked the equivalent tickets.
Though the use of 'solo' on the Snalltaget website is a tad misleading, because you could be in a group of three people, but if you book this type of ticket you will then be sharing the compartment with up to three other people.

(2) Private compartments:
Again the info on the Snalltaget website is a tad misleading as it suggests that this type of compartment is for use by a use of group of travellers, but you can book it if you will be travelling solo.
In effect when booking when booking you will paying to use the compartment and not solely a place within the compartment.
So if you will be travelling solo you can book the private compartment and then won't be sharing it with anyone else.

If you will be travelling in a group be careful when checking the ticket prices.
The price for the private compartment can cheaper than the cost of four places in a shared compartment, and it's not much more expensive than three places in a shared compartment.

If you will be travelling with children or as a family group and don't want to share a compartment with other adults, you will need to select the private compartment option, you won't automatically be assigned one.



Seats in open-plan saloon style coaches are available; of the type typically used on daytime trains.
Notes that the seats would fold down to make beds, so you will have to spend the entire journey in a seated position; though for an additional cost recliner seats are available.

Also good to know:

Washing facilities:
The only washing facilities on board are the sinks in the toilets, which are located at both ends of every coach:

Power Sockets:
Plugs are available in the shared compartments, but only USB ports are available in the private comparments.
Plugs are also available in the seated coaches; but not at every seat.

According to the Snalltaget website, wi-fi will be available throughout the train 'during the summer'.

Dogs/cats can be taken on board the Private compartments.

Non-folding bikes cannot be taken on board.


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