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Travel On Train Avant (Spain)
An Avant train has arrived in Sevilla

Avant (Spain)


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Avant trains share the Spanish high speed lines with the AVE trains, but they're used for shorter (Media-Distancia*) distance services, which don't stray from the high speed network, so all journeys by Avant trains are high speed.

Though an unusual feature of these trains is that because all journeys by Avant trains are less than two hours, these trains are 2nd class only

*= A tad confusingly, the Spanish national rail operator Renfe, uses the specific MD (Media-Distancia) branding for other services, which don't travel on the high speed lines.


The main routes taken by these Avant trains are:

  • Madrid Atocha - Toldeo
  • Madrid Chamartin - Segovia AV - Valladolid
  • Seville - Cordoba - Malaga
  • Ourense - Santiago de Compostela - A Coruna


Seats will automatically be assigned when booking tickets for journeys by Alvia trains.

Rail pass users will need to have made reservations prior to boarding - users of 1st class passes will have to travel in the 'Turista' (2nd class) seats on these trains, because 1st class seating is not available
Info on how to book these rail pass reservations is available HERE on our Spanish train tickets and passes guide.


The coach (coche) numbers are in an electronic panel on the doors.
All of the coaches/cars only have one door on each side, so once you're on board simply enter the seating saloons and look for the seat numbers, which matches the 'plaza' number(s) on your ticket(s).

Something to watch out for is that the seat numbers are on the side of the shelves above the seats, on which small items of luggage can be stored.
As all seats have to be reserved prior to boarding ,there is no other seating info inside the trains.

On Board:

The interior seating saloon on an Avant train The interior seating saloon on an Avant train

Despite being 2nd class only, the seating saloons are comparatively comfortable, though the luggage space is also more limited than on AVE trains.

You won't be spending more than two hours on an Avant train, so these trains don't have any on board catering.


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