True Reservations Guide For Eurail and InterRail Pass Users

Reservations Guide For Eurail and InterRail Pass Users

If you have opted to use a Eurail or InterRail pass, we thought at an a glance guide to the  trains which DO and DON'T require reservation fees to be purchased before boarding would be useful.

If you won't be using a rail pass, the info below will also show you which train services have optional reservations available.

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(1) Trains and train services which DON'T require reservation fees:

These trains and trains and train services fall into two categories.

(i) Train services on which reservations aren't available:

Because seat reservations aren't available to any traveller, rail pass users inevitably don't have to reserve either.

Virtually all local and regional trains across Europe are in this category, including these train services, that are most often encountered by rail pass users;

ALX   l    IR (Switzerland)   l   Øresundståg        


Regionale   l     Regionale Veloce   l   TER 

Some of the independent railway lines in Switzerland, also come into this category, including the four largest:

MGB   l     MOB   l     RhB   l      ZB 

Seat reservations also aren't available on express trains in the Benelux countries, so rail pass users don't have to reserve on these train services:

 IC (Belgium)   l    IC (Netherlands)

Intercity Brussels   l    Intercity Direct           

(ii) Train services on which reservations are OPTIONAL, but available:
Trains on which reservations are optional for Eurail and InterRail Pass Users
On these train services if you don't pay the optional seat reservation fees, finding seats on these trains is NOT guranteed.

EC Austria ↔ Hungary

EC Austria ↔ Switzerland   

EC (within Czechia)   l   EC Czechia ↔ Hungary   

EC Czechia ↔ Slovakia

EC (within Denmark)   l   EC (within Germany)

EC Germany ↔ Czechnia

EC Germany ↔ Denmark (not between June 12 and September 4)

EC Germany ↔ Hungary   

EC Germany ↔ Slovakia

EC Germany ↔ Switzerland

EC Hungary  ↔ Slovakia

EC (within) Slovakia   l    EC (within Switzerland)

IC (Austria)   l    IC (Czechnia)   l    IC (Denmark)

IC (France) most routes

IC (Greece) seats must be reserved, but there is no charge

IC (Finland)   l    IC (Ireland)   l    IC (Switzerland)

IC (Germany and International)   l    ICE trains*   l    Lyn 

Railjets* (both witin Austria and journeys from/to Austria)  

Regiontog (free for 1st class pass users only) 

Reservations required on the Oslo - Bergen route.

Regiojet trains

Turkish exress trains  including the YHT trains.

Trains in Great Britain operated by:

Cross Country   l    East Midlands Trains*

Great Western Railway*    l    Greater Anglia*   

LNER    l    Trans Pennine Express

Virgin Trains    l    Scotrail* 

*Long distance routes 

(2) DAYTIME trains and servies on which rail pass users must reserve prior to boarding:
Trains on which Eurail and InterRail Pass Users Must Reserve Prior to Boarding

When availlable - click the train services below to find out the price of the reservations and how you can book them.

The price bands below are for 2nd class reservations; *= 1st class reservations are in a higher price band.

Reservation fees are normally charged in local currency - so the € symbol can be a guide:


(i) Under €5 per seat:

Alfa Pendular (Portugal)    l   Avant (Spain)

EC Germany  Denmark* between 12 June and 4 September

EC trains between Austria/Germany ↔ Slovenia/Croatia

EC trains Germany ↔ Poland

EC trains Poland ↔ Austria

EC trains Poland ↔ Czechia/Hungary/Slovakia

EC trains Hungary ↔ Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia

EC trains - within Hungary

Ekspressen (Bulgaria)    l   Intercity (Italy)

Media Distancia (Spain)    l   IC (Hungary)

IC (Ireland) - free with a 1st class pass

IC (Portugal)    l   IC (Slovakia)    l   IC (Romania)

ICS (Slovenia)    l   IR (Romania)

Regional (Bosnia and Herzegovina)     

SJ Intercity

(ii) €5 - €10 per seat:

Altaria* (Spain)    l   Alvia* (Spain)    l   AVE* (Spain)

EC trains* Austria/Germany ↔ Italy

EIP    l   Euromed* (Spain)    l   Frecce

Intercités - certain routes only; price is €20 when the £10 reservations are sold out

Pendolino* (Finland)    l   Snabbtåg*

SuperCity (Czechia)    l   IC (Spain)    l  Talgo (Spain)

TGV - price is €20 when the £10 reservations are sold out

(iii) €11 - €20 per seat:

DB-SNCF*    l   EC trains Switzerland ↔ Italy

Lyria - to/from French cities other than Paris)

RENFE-SNCF* - price depends on distance Lyon/Marseille ↔ Barcelona is under €20

(TGV France  Belgium)*      

Thalys* to/from Belgium

(iv) more than €20 per seat:

Eurostar    l   Lyria (to/from Paris)

RENFE-SNCF - longer distances including Paris ↔ Barcelona

TGV France-Italy

Thalys (Paris ↔ Germany/The Netherlands)

Rail Pass reservation fees on night trains
Using a rail pass on a European night train is a different experience to using a Eurail or InterRail pass on a daytime train, so we have produced some bespoke info that you can find here.

We've also included the details of the type of accommodation you can choose from, and the reservation fees for each of them, on our info for these specific overnight trains.

Nightjet (International)   l   Nightjet (within Austria)    


And on these EuroNight train routes:

Austria ↔ Poland   l   Czechia/Hungary ↔ Poland

Hungary ↔ Romania   l   Hungary ↔ Germany/Switzerland

Hungary ↔ Czechia   l   Croatia ↔ Germany/Switzerland



The lists of DAYTIME train services also includes the international train services to/from each country.

Austria -  NO Reservation Required:

EC (within Austria)   l    EC Austria ↔ Germany

EC Austria ↔ Hungary

EC Austria ↔ Switzerland   

IC (Austria)   l    ICE

Railjet  l    REX  l    S-Bahn

Austria -  Reservation Required:

EC trains between Austria ↔ Slovenia/Croatia/Serbia

EC trains Austria ↔ Poland

Belgium - NO Reservation Required:

All local trains

IC (Belgium)   l   Intercity Brussels

IC (France)   l   ICE

Belgium - Reservation Required:

Eurostar   l   Thalys 

TGB (TGV France  Belgium)*

Bulgaria - Reservation Required:

Ekspressen   l   EC trains

Czechia - NO Reservation Required:

ALX   l   EC (within Czechia) 

EC Czechia ↔ Hungary/Germany/Slovakia   

IC (Czechia)   l   Railjet

All other trains operated by CD - the Czech national rail company

Rail pass are are also now valid on Regiojet trains.

Czechia -  Reservation Required:

SuperCity   l   EC trains Poland ↔ Czechia

Denmark - NO Reservation Required:

EC Germany ↔ Denmark (NOT between 12 June and 4 September)

Lyn   l   IC (Denmark)   l   Øresundståg

All other trains

Denmark -  Reservation Required:

EC Germany  Denmark* between 12 June and 4 September


France  -  NO Reservation Required:

Intercités most routes

TER   l   other cross border local trains

France  -  Reservation Required:

DB-SNCF   l   Eurostar

Intercités - certain routes only

RENFE-SNCF   l   Lyria   l   TGV

Thalys  l  TGV France  Belgium

TGV France-Italy

Germany - NO Reservation Required:

ALX   l   EC (within Germany)

EC Germany ↔ Austria

EC Germany ↔ Czechnia

EC Germany ↔ Denmark (not between June 12 and September 4)

EC Germany ↔ Hungary   

EC Germany ↔ Slovakia

EC Germany ↔ Switzerland

IC Berlijn    l    IC (Germany)    l    ICE

Regio    l    Railjet    l   S-Bahn

Germany - Reservation Required:


EC Germany  Denmark between 12 June and 4 September

EC trains Germany ↔ Poland

EC trains Germany ↔ Slovenia/Croatia

EC trains Germany ↔ Italy    l   Thalys 

Great Britain - NO Reservation Required:

Any domestic train service

Great Britain - Reservation Required:


Hungary - NO Reservation Required:

EC Hungary ↔ Austria

EC Hungary ↔ Czechia

EC Hungary ↔ Germany   

EC Hungary  ↔ Slovakia    l   Railjet 

Hungary - Reservation Required:

EC trains within Hungary    l   IC (Hungary)

Railjets within Hungary

EC trains Hungary ↔ Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia

Italy - NO Reservation Required:

Regionale   l     Regionale Veloce

Railjet   l    Other local cross border trains

Italy - Reservation Required:

EC trains Italy ↔ Switzerland*

EC trains Italy ↔ Austria/Germany*

*Also payable on journeys solely within Italy by these trains
Frecce   l    Intercity (Italy)

TGV France-Italy

Norway - NO Reservation Required:

Regiontog (all routes except Oslo - Bergen) 

All other trains

Norway - Reservation Required:

Regiontog on the Oslo - Bergen route.


Poland -  Reservation Required:

EC trains Poland ↔ Austria/Czechia/Germany/Hungary/Slovakia

EIP   l    EIC   l    IC   l    TLK

There is no charge for the EIC, IC and TLK trains, but seats must be reserved prior to boarding.

Spain - NO Reservation Required:

Regional Express   

Spain - Reservation Required:

Avant   l   Altaria   l   Alvia

AVE     l   Euromed   l   IC (Spain)

Media Distancia     l     RENFE-SNCF


Sweden -  NO Reservation Required:

Øresundståg   l    SJ Regional

Sweden -  Reservation Required:

SJ Intercity   l    Snabbtåg

Switzerland -  NO Reservation Required

EC Trains within Switzerland

Lyria Trains within Switzerland

EC Switzerland ↔ Austria

EC Switzerland ↔ Germany

IC (Germany)    l    ICE    l    IC (Switzerland)

IR (Switzerland    l    Railjet    l    TER 

Switzerland -  Reservation Required

EC trains Switzerland ↔ Italy    l    Lyria

The Netherlands -  NO Reservation Required

 IC  l    IC Berlijn  l    ICE

Intercity Brussels   l    Intercity Direct  l   Sprinter

The Netherlands -  Reservation Required          

Eurostar   l    Thalys

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