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The 'Dacia' train awaits departure from Wien Hbf

EuroNight (Dacia)


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This EuroNight train service is named the 'Dacia'.

It conveys;

- Compartment Seats
- Couchettes; 4 berths AND 6 berths
- Sleeping cars with 3 bed, 2 bed and 1 cabins

The compartment seats:

These are seats that face each other that can, in theory, be pulled flat to create a sort of bed.
However, to make use of this facility you need to have a spare seat opposite to yours.

The seats are grouped in rows of 3, so a total of six seats, can be arranged so that three people can lie down on one large bed (cosy).
However, this isn't guaranteed.

If too many seats are occupied then converting them into beds won't be possible.

Washing facilities are available.

Drinks and snacks are available from vending machines.

The couchettes:

A berth in a 4 berth compartments is more expensive than in a 6 berth.

Sheets and pillows are provided.

Washing facilities are available (shared with the other compartments).

Complimentary bottle of mineral water and breakfast tray provided.

The sleeping cabins:

Bed linen and slippers provided
Washing facilities* in cabin ( with soap and towels)

Complimentary - bottle of mineral water, large breakfast with a choice of items served in the cabin.

*According to the OBB (Austrian Railways) website, deluxe sleeping cabins with a shower in the cabin are an option on this train - but it doesn't provide a means for booking these online.

Rail pass reservation fees:

Seat: = €12

Berth in 6-bed couchette = €28.40
Beth in 4-bed couchette = €35

Bed in deluxe 3-bed sleeping cabin = €44
Bed in deluxe 2-bed sleeping cabin = €55
Bed in deluxe 1-bed sleeping cabin = €111*

*=1st class pass required for booking.

1st class pass holders can also pay the same fees as 2nd class pass holders, for the seats, couchettes and 2 or 3 bed sleeping cabins.

The rail pass reservation fees on this 'Dacia' train service are more expensive than the alternative (between Hungary and Romania) 'Ister' EuroNight train service on this route.


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