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About the station

Welcome to our guide to using Munich's main train station - München Hbf.

It won't be on any 'Most Stylish Stations' lists, but it is a highly practical terminal - packed with passenger facilities, most of which are on one level.

Which is good to know as it's difficult to avoid Munich's central station when exploring Europe by train.
More international destinations can be reached by train from here than any other station in Europe.

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An overview:

Fortunately if you're lucky enough to be taking a train to the likes of Austria, Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland or The Czech Republic, Munchen Hbf is a fairly easy station to navigate.

As you exit the platforms on to the concourse, the main access to the S-Bahn/U-Bahn platforms is to the left.

All of the large numbers of platforms/tracks/gleis used by the long distance trains are at street level, so unless you're transferring to trains to/from the city centre, you don't have to use stairs, escalators or lifts.

It's not a beautiful station, the area in front of the main building is particularly grotty - but this will change over the coming years.

 München Hbf is to be completely re-built, models of the new station are on display on the current station concourse – so it seems that the much delayed project will now go ahead.

For the time being, when arriving by express train you have to walk ahead of you, to the main concourse in order to access the exits, taxis and all public transport connections.

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Heading to the city centre:

In common with other major German cities the subway/metro system in Munich/Munchen is named the U-Bahn.

However,  the train service between Munchen Hbf and the heart of the city, the area around Marienplatz station, is provided by S-Bahn trains.

These are local/commuter trains and in Munich/Munchen they use a tunnel to cross the city centre.

From Munchen Ost station:

At the other end of this tunnel is Munchen Ost station.

So if you will be heading to/from the city centre, and your long distance train is calling at Munchen Ost - the quickest and easiest end-2-end journey will be to change trains at Munchen Ost and NOT Munchen Hbf.

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Buying food/drink at the station:

Large stations can resemble shopping malls, airport terminals or cathedrals, but München Hauptbahnhof/München Hbf is akin to a giant food court.

It must hold the world record for the number of food/drink outlets in a station.

If you have time, then the best place to have a meal is L’Osteria, it’s a chain restaurant, but rather fabulous.

The multiple food/drink outlets include those scattered across the main concourse, so when first arriving by train, the station can seem somewhat chaotic.

The food available from the food court on the main concourse is superior (and often cheaper) than that which can be taken away from a bar car on any train that departs from here - so stock up before you hop on board.

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Left Luggage:

München Hbf has left luggage lockers in two locations - when arriving by main line train, one of these is behind the access to the S-Bahn trains.

You will need €6 in coins for a large locker (the lockers are coin operated only).

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