München / Munich to Füssen by train

How to travel from München / Munich to Füssen by train

Heading off to see the fairytale castles of Hohenschwangau and the Schloss Neuschwanstein on a day trip by train München / Munich is easily done



From München Hbf/Munich main station to Füssen

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Travel Information

These direct trains from Munchen/Munich to Fussen depart every other hour in odd hours

They terminate at Fussen, so they're easy to spot on the departure screens at Munchen Hbf.

1 x train every other hour


Book early and save: No

Tickets will cost the same price if purchased at the station immediately before departure, though this is one of the few routes taken by Regio trains which can be booked online on DB.

You won't save any money by booking online, but it will save you the time and bother of buying tickets at Munchen Hbf.

Though if you are happy to depart from Munich after 09:00 there is a money saving option for this trip, particularly if you will be travelling in a group.
Book a regional day ticket for Bavaria and it will be cheaper than a journey ticket; children travel for free and any additional adults in the party will only pay €6!

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
DB Bahn *

DB Bahn Guide

DB is the national railway operator in Germany, so its website can be used for booking journeys by German express trains; the ICE and IC trains and it doesn't charge booking fees.
It also sells tickets for journeys by direct trains on all international routes from Germany regardless of whether DB is operating the train service.

It also sells an extensive range of end-to-end journeys which involve making connections both within Germany and in neighboring countries, but journeys between Germany and Britain cannot be booked on DB.

A key feature of DB website worth keeping mind is that it offers 1st class ticket purchasers complimentary seat reservations on journeys both within and to/from Germany.

Seat reservations for daytime in both 1st and 2nd class can also be booked separately from tickets.

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Scenic - YesDay

Good to Know

If you want to set off an easy day trip by train from Munich to see the fairytale castles of Ludiwg II there are usually departures from Munchen Hbf for Fussen at 07:52; 09:52 and 11:52.

OR you can take trains which depart at 08:52 and 10:52 for Kempten, then at Buchloe station these trains have a pretty much guaranteed and very straightforward connection, into another train on to Fussen.

Buses to the Hohenschwangau and Schloss Neuschwanstein connect with the trains on arrival at Füssen.

At Munchen HBf:

Trains to Fussen usually depart from Gleis (track/platforms) 27-36 in Munchen Hbf and these are some distance from the main concourse.
If you will be purchasing tickets at Munchen Hbf then be at the station a minimum of 20 mins before departure

This is pretty trip with distant views of Bavarian mountains to be enjoyed, particularly after Buchloe.

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