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München Ost (München / Munich)

München Ost lives up to its name with a location to the east of the city centre.
The trains on the main railway route between München and Salzburg travel in a semi-circle around the southern side of the city in order to access the city's main rail terminal, München Hbf, as the railway tracks in an out of Munchenn Hbf face westwards.
Hence it takes around 10 mins for long-distance trains to make the journey between München Ost and München Hbf.

Though most of the local (S-Bahn) trains in München/Munich use a tunnel to cross the city centre and München Ost is at the eastern end of this tunnel.
So around every 5 -10mins in each direction all day these-S-Bahn trains link München Ost to a station in the heart of the city centre, named Marienplatz and they also call at station named Isator, which is within a 10 minute walk of the Deutsches Museum

Therefore for rail journeys between München city centre and Salzburg (and beyond) the quickest route is to make the transfer between express / regio trains and S-Bahn trains at München Ost and not at München Hbf.

Around every 20 mins S-Bahn trains on line S8 connect München Ost with München Flughafen (airport).


At a Glance

The only train services regularly timetabled to pass through München Ost without calling at the station on the Munchen - Salzburg - Linz - Wien/Vienna Budapest route.

The EC (EuroCity) express trains to and from München and destinations in Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia call in München Ost.

Some trains avoid the need to add the time it takes to reverse in and out of München Hbf, the city's main station, to their journeys, by making their only station call in the city at München Ost.
These include the Nightjet train on the Paris ↔ Wien/Vienna route.


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