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About the station

This  guide to using magnificent St Pancras International train station explains;
(1) how to navigate the station;
(2) what to be aware of when arriving and departing by Eurostar and other train services;
(3) how to make onward connections to the city centre and airports
(4) what facilities are available at the station.

Departing by Eurostar from St Pancras International:  Check our bespoke GUIDE

Arriving by Eurostar at St Pancras International: Check our bespoke GUIDE

An introduction to using St Pancras International station:

The modern adaptation of glorious 19th century station architecture at St Pancras International, has created a building that is an awe-inspiring location to have a meal/drink and to indulge in some high end shopping.
Hence a website on which it's primary function as a place from which to catch a train isn't particularly obvious.

However, if you are taking a train from St. Pancras International it can be confusing space to navigate - particularly if you are a first time user.

What can be a big help with finding your way through the station are its interactive info guides.
At first glance they resemble the info guides you can find in large shopping malls, which you can tap to discover the location of a store etc.
These screens at St Pancras International are also store guides, but they ALSO offer a wealth of useful info to help you find your train.
They are convenient because the signage understandably struggles to cope with the complexity of the station layout.

If you’re a first time user, St Pancras International isn’t a location where you want to be catching a train against the clock.

Five things also worth knowing about St. Pancras International:

(1) St Pancras International station can be a complicated space to navigate because it is in effect six stations in one location:
(i)  - the Eurostar trains terminal
(ii)  - the East Midland Trains terminal
(iii) - the Southeastern  hi-speed trains terminal
(iv)  - the ‘Thameslink’ station
(v) - the Circle / Metropolitan / Hammersmith & City underground lines
(vi)  - the Victoria / Piccadilly / Northern underground lines.

Each of which has a dedicated or optimum entrance.

(2) If you're NOT taking the Eurostar and you aleady have a ticket, it’s still generally a good idea to arrive at St Pancras International a minimum of 10 mins before your train is due to depart.
It's a large space to navigate - for example making the transfer between the Picadilly Line of the Undergound and the East Midlands trains terminal, takes around 5 mins. 

(3) If you are taking the Eurostar allow 10 mins to make your way to the Eurostar check-in area.
ADD this 10 mins on to Eurostar's recommended time required to check-in.

(4) If you are catching a Eurostar be aware that the station isn't solely dedicated to Eurostar trains.
The Eurostar depatures area is not the the dominant feature of the building.

Depending on how you enter St Pancras, the access to Euostar departures can be out of sight.
And Eurostar arrivals is merely a set of doors which open into the main shopping arcade at the station.

(5) The trick to making the most of what St Pancras International has to offer - is to arrive at the station around 90 mins before your train departs.
And if you do opt for that, head to the upper level bars and restaurants.
They're quieter, more spectacular and you can watch the Eurostar trains glide in and out of the station - what could be more wonderful.

The upper level also gives access to the bars and eateries in the stunningly restored St Pancras hotel, for the ultimate pre train journey experience!



1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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