Barcelona to London by train

How to take a thrilling high speed rail journey from Barcelona to London

It's possible to take a journey by train in a single day by train from Barcelona to London with lots of time available to make the connection between high speed trains in Paris, which should virtually ensure a stress-free journey.



From Barcelona Sants to London St Pancras International

Travel Information

On the latest timetable the journey by train from Barcelona to Paris is theoretically easier than it has been for several years.

The current typical connecting time for the transfer across Paris from the Gare De Lyon, which is where the train from will arrive, to the Gare Du Nord, which is where the Eurostar will depart from, is a little under two hours; which fits with the time it will take to travel between the two stations and the check-in time in Paris stipulated by Eurostar.

1 x optimum connection per day

Change trains in: Paris


Book Early And Save: Yes

Online bookings open: 4 months ahead usually

It's worth comparing the prices on RailEurope and Trainline, both services will add a booking fee for this journey, but on Trainline the additional charge won't be apparent until the final stage of the booking process.

Eurostar does not sell tickets for this journey.

Your ticket will not include the RER train across Paris from the Gare De Lyon to the Gare Du Nord..

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Journey Features

Scenic - NoNot High Speed

Good to Know

Final Destination: Paris Gare de Lyon

All trains also call at: Girona and Figueres-Vilifant

The view from the high speed line north of Figueres The view from the high speed line north of Figueres
Crossing the marshes between Perpignan and Narbonne Crossing the marshes between Perpignan and Narbonne
The view of Beziers from the left just before Beziers station The view of Beziers from the left just before Beziers station
A Roman aqueduct that can be see on the left south of Valence A Roman aqueduct that can be see on the left south of Valence

This is a journey of three distinct parts.

1:Between Barcelona and Perpignan the train travels  on a high speed line.

2. Between Perpignan and Montpellier the train follows the coast, don't expect incredible seascapes, but there are some nice views as the train threads through the marshes; particularly north of Perpignan

3. Between Nimes and Paris  the train switches back to the high speed line.

Journey Features

High Speed (total journey)

Good to Know

As a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis Eurostar is operating a particularly limited timetable for the time being - further information is available on

Note that these trains depart from the Gare Du Nord.

Final Destination: London St Pancras

Some trains also call at: Ashford International or Ebbsfleet International (these station calls are currently suspended)

Note that London is in a different time zone to mainland Europe, it is one hour behind, so when looking at a timetable the journey will look as though it's an hour shorter.


Eurostar requests that holders of Standard Class And Standard Premier tickets check-in a minimum of 30mins before departure, and 45mins before departure on weekends and holidays.
It is up to you to allow time to pass through check-in and board the train.

If you have a Business Premier ticket, Eurostar recommends that you only have to check-in 10 mins before departure.

At Gare Du Nord the check in and waiting area for the Eurostar (the 'Hall Du Londres') is at an upper level, above the main concourse.
The access to this upper level is some distance from the voie/platforms/tracks that the Eurostars depart from.
The escalators leading up to Eurostar departures are located at the rear wall of the station building, on the opposite side of the concourse to voies/platforms/tracks 14 - 15.

Between Lille and The Channel Between Lille and The Channel
Crossing the Medway Viaduct on a grey day Crossing the Medway Viaduct on a grey day
The view of the Queen Elizabeth II road bridge The view of the Queen Elizabeth II road bridge

It's not a scenic journey, but it is a journey with distinct phases and highlights:

1: There is little to see from the high speed lines in France, particularly after Lille (the trains to Paris will rush through Lille Europe station).

2: The train will slow down as it approaches The Channel Tunnel.

Announcements are no longer made that the train is about to enter the tunnel.

The journey through the tunnel will take around 22 mins.

3: As the train nears Ebbsfleet International station, comes the scenic highlight of the journey - the crossing of the River Medway on a high bridge.

4: After Ebbsfleet International (which can only be seen from the right) the train will enter a tunnel under the River Thames.

As the train exits this tunnel, from the left, the Queen Elizabeth II road bridge can be seen.

5: For most of the final 8 -10 mins of the journey the trains use tunnels to enter London (Stratford International station is located between the tunnels).

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