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Paris, (France)

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About the station

This guide to Paris Est train station explains what to look out for when departing from or arriving at the Gare de l'Est by train and how to access the other main stations in Paris from here.

The Gare de l'Est aka Paris Est train station has a comparatively rare quality of being as stunningly beautiful inside, as it is on the exterior.
Though it would look even more magnificent without the huge advertising  posters, which hang down from its roof.

It's not only beautiful, it's also enormous - and it's this combination which earned it a place on our list of most awe-inspiring European stations.
Though despite its size it's a fairly easy station to navigate, so taking a train from here is usually a delight.


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Seven Things Worth Knowing About Paris Est station:

(1) The station isn't named after its location, it's not on the eastern edge of Paris city centre, but towards the north.
It takes its name thanks to the destinations that can be reached from here by train - as they're to the east of Paris.
So this is the station to head to if you will be departing Paris for the likes of Belfort, Metz, Nancy, Reims or Strasbourg.
The high speed trains to central Germany and Luxembourg also depart from here.

(2) It is a terminus station, so the voies (platforms/tracks), which the TGV, IC and TER trains depart from, are all linked to the one concourse.
This concourse is at street level, so there is step free acess to the taxi ranks and the bus lines/routes which serve the station.

(3) The concourse is large and airy, so the station rarely feels crowded. 
Heaters are scattered around the concourse in winter.

(4) The specific voies (platforms/tracks) which trains will be leaving from, are usually  confirmed no more than 20mins before departure.

(5) The Metro station serving lines, 4. 5 and 7  has its own hall in the middle of the station buildings.

(6) The Metro station has escalators which connect this hall,  by the main concourse, and the Metro ticket hall -  and an elevator which is available to travellers requiring Mobility Assistance.
Escalators also provide some of the access between the Metro trains and the Metro ticket hall.

(7) The left luggage office is located in the atrium, which gives access to the metro station, its down on the lower level by the entrance to the Metro station.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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