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About the station

Our guide to Amsterdam Centraal train station explains what to look out for when departing and arriving in the city by train.

Including how to travel to the main tourist sites and the airport and our pick of places to stay with easy access to Amsterdam Centraal.

Beautiful and newly modernized Amsterdam Centraal is the main train station in Amsterdam and serves the historic heart of the city and is located on its northern edge.

But if you're not used to how large Dutch stations typically function, with their sub-divided platforms/tracks etc, it can be a confusing place to catch a train.


There's a lot to like about taking a train to Amsterdam.
When you step outside the front of the station, you're greeted with a scene which confirms you have arrived in one of Europe's greatest cities.
You'll see canal boats and bridges and typical examples of Dutch architecture.

Eight Things Worth Knowing About Amsterdam Centraal Station:

The entrances/exits at Amsterdam Centraal are at street level, but the train platforms/tracks/sporen are at an upper level.

(2) The sporen (platforms/tracks) which the trains depart from are exceptionally long and are divided into 'a' and 'b' sections.

All trains depart from a specific section of these sporen (platforms/tracks) - on the departure screens you will see '6a' and '9b' etc

(3) Three passage ways run beneath the railway lines and enable step free access by escalator and or lifts to/from the trains.

There also two new passageways - the IJ passage and the Amstel passage which run beneath the railway lines, but DON'T give access to the trains.
They are solely for people who want to walk from one side of the station to the other.

(4) All the signage at the station is in Dutch and English - though Dutch names of cities outside of the Netherlands are used on the departure screens.
Cologne = Koeln
Lille = Rijsel etc

(5) NS International operates a 1st Class lounge which is located on platform/track 2A.
It is only available if you have a 1st class international ticket.

(6) Amsterdam Centraal station is currently being renewed to improve access to the trains and the metro - but the disruption from the building work is being kept to a minimum.

(7) If you will be heading TO Amsterdam Centraal by train from another destination - you may see Amsterdam C on the info screens at stations and on the train.
Amsterdam C = Amsterdam Centraal.

(8) However, some trains will be heading to Amsterdam Zuid and NOT Amsterdam Centraal – avoid these trains if you are heading to the city centre.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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