Amsterdam to Berlin by train

How to take the train from Amsterdam to Berlin

The Amsterdam to Berlin train journey lacks a wow factor, but it's a comparatively easy trip.
And now there is both a day and night option on this route



Option 1 - travel by day

Travel Information

All trains also call at: Amersfoort; Bremen; Hannover; Berlin Spandau

Arriving in Berlin:

Note that these trains call at three stations in Berlin; Berlin Spandau; Berlin Hbf and Berlin Ostbahnhof.

Berlin Hbf is the main station in Berlin, but each of these three stations offers different public transport connections, that can be used to complete your journey.
Our guide to Berlin Hbf station has more info about these alternative stations in Berlin.

So don't assume that leaving the train at Berlin Hbf will be your best option.
Before booking tickets/boarding, work out which of these stations has the optimum access to your final destination in the city.

Particularly if you’re heading to West Berlin; if you are the best option is usually to leave this train at Berlin-Spandau
You can then connect there into a S-Bahn (local) or Regio trains on to Zoologischer Garten (Berlin-Zoo) station, which is the main station in West Berlin.

Zoologischer Garten station also has trains from Berlin Hbf, but you'll end up travelling back the way, that the train from Amsterdam, will have just travelled.

6 x trains per day

(The usual first train of the day does not operate on Sundays and that final departure of the day on Sundays, is only available on that day of the week).


Book early and save: Yes

Online bookings open: 6 months ahead of the travel date

Check that you’re looking at booking info for the direct trains.

On NS International look for journeys that have a ‘0’ - and only ‘IC Berlijn’ in the trains column.

Trains departing at different times can be cheaper than others leaving on the same day, so you may need to look through the day's departures to find the cheapest fares.


Seat reservations are included when booking 1st class tickets.
However, if you book 2nd class tickets, or will be travelling with a 1st or 2nd class rail pass, reservations are optional.

If you won't be taking the first and last trains of the day, our advice is to pay the reservation fee, particularly if you will also be travelling on Friday - Sunday.
These can be very busy trains, so you'll be quite fortunate to find a spare seat available for the entire journey.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
NS Intl from €39

NS Intl Guide

NS is the Dutch national rail operator and it operates a bespoke website for the booking of international rail journeys from and to The Netherlands.
Therefore it offers tickets for journeys by:

  • Thalys trains to Bruxelles and Paris
  • IC trains to Berlin via Hannover and Bruxelles via Antwerpen
  • Eurostar to London
  • ICE trains to Basel and Frankfurt (Main) via Koln
  • the Nightjet trains to Austria and Germany

NS International also sells tickets to a range of destinations in Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland, which involve a change of train in Germany, along with the destinations in France, which can be accessed by making a connection in Bruxelles.

Trainline from €39

Trainline Guide

Save A Train from €39

Save A Train Guide

Happy rail from €39

Happy rail Guide

Happy Rail is a Netherlands rail ticket agency which sells tickets for both national and international journeys within a range of countries including Belgium France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland.

HappyRail doesn't charge booking fees in the conventional sense, but if you're not Dutch you can expect to pay additional transaction fees, which will be added to the total cost.
That's because the most common form of online payment used in The Netherlands is 'iDEAL' and HappyRail doesn't charge a transaction fee for 'iDEAL' payments, but only Dutch residents can sign up to 'iDEAL'.
Other forms of payment include Visa debit cards will incur a fee.

On this journey

Journey Features

Scenic - NoHigh Speed (partial journey)

Good to Know

For the time being this train journey has a retro aura, as little has changed on this route for more than 10 years; apart from a welcome switch of terminals in Amsterdam from the station at Schiphol Airport to the city's main central station.
The coaches currently used date back to the 1990s, so lack tech features such as info screens, but some travelllers will appreciate some seats being available in compartments.
However. this route is now awaiting brand new trains which have been ordered and should be entering service in 2023.

Travelling overnight:

European Sleeper is a new train operating company that is to provide a new overnight train service on this route.

From May 25th the train will be heading to Berlin on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and tickets are now on sale.

The Jazz Train:

On a few special nights the Jazz Night Express transports music fans on an unforgettable journey to the German capital.

Option 2: travelling overnight

Travel Information

Final Destination: Berlin Hbf
This train also departs from: Amersfoort and Deventer

European Sleeper is a new train operating company with a mission to offer more overnight routes between European cities.
It's trains aren't brand new, though they have been refreshed, but if you:

  • need a morning an arrival in Berlin;
  • won't need to depart Amsterdam on a weekend, or on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
    then this service provides a new option for the journey by train from Amsterdam to Berlin.

The train departs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Book early and save: Yes
Online Bookings Usually Open: up to 6 months ahead of the travel date

The ticketing options depend on the type of accommodation you wish to travel by on the train.
The seats are straightforward, the ticket(s) will include a reservation.

In the couchettes you can either book a place; or solo travellers can pay more and book the entire compartment in order to have sole occupancy.
If you will be travelling in groups of 4 or 6 people, you will be the only occupants of the compartment.
But if you will be travelling in a group of 5, the only method to ensure you won't be sharing the compartment with somebody else, is to book six tickets.
Similarly if you will be travelling in a group of 3 and don't want to share a four person compartment with anybody else, you will need to book four tickets.
Female only couchette compartments are available.

The sleeping cabins are priced according to how many people will be occupying them during the journey.
Solo travellers can either:

  • Book a bed in a triple cabin and accept that you may share it with up to two other people (cheapest).
  • Book a bed in a double cabin, accepting that you may be sharing it with another person.
  • Book a single cabin, to ensure privacy (most expensive).

Pairs of travellers, who are happy to share a cabin, can either:

  • Book two beds in a triple cabin, accepting that you may be sharing it with another person.
  • Book a double cabin.

Groups of 3 travellers will have sole occupancy of a triple cabin, but groups of four or more will need to split the accommodation to whichever suits them; 2 x double cabins, or 1 x triple + 1 x single etc.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
European Sleeper Train *

On this journey

Journey Features


Good to Know

The arrival time in Berlin is scheduled to be at 06:48.
Typical connections which should be available are:

  • at 07:34 to Nurnberg and Munchen/Munich
  • at 09:01 to Dresden*, Praha/Prague*, Bratislava and Budapest
  • at 09:51 to Poznan and Warszawa
    *= there is also a departure to Dresden and Praha/Prague at 07:01, but making this connection in time is not guaranteed
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