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About the station

Our guide to using Vienna's central railway station explains what to look out for when arriving and departing from here by train.
Long distance trains to and from the Austrian capital used to depart from and arrive at multiple different stations.
Now they all use its relatively new main train station - Wien Hbf/Wien Hauptbahnhof.

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Seven Things Worth Knowing About  Wien Hbf - the central  railway station in Vienna.

All of the platforms/tracks (bahnsteiges) used by the long distance trains have access by lifts (elevators) - as well as by escalators and stairs.

(2) The main exit/entrance to the station is on Südtiroler Platz.
It also houses the ticket and reservation office and the OBB 1st class lounge.
The U-bahn (metro) station at Wien Hbf can sometimes be referred to as Südtiroler Platz.

(3) The station has a secondary entrance/exit on Karl Popper StraBe.
It is at the opposite end of the station to the 
Südtiroler Platz, but some of the tram stops at Wien Hbf are located by this Karl Popper StraBe entrance/exit.
For the western edge of the city centre, the easiest option is usually to take tram line D and this is one of the tram routes, which departs from here.

(4) The station is actually located some distance from the city centre - it's on the southern fringes of the central area.

(5) Wien Hbf is connected to the heart of the city, the area around St Stephens cathedral, by line U1 of the Vienna's metro/underground.
The station at Stephensplatz in the heart of the city is three stops north of Wien Hbf.

(6) The easiest means of accessing the eastern edge of the city centre is to use the
S-bahn (local trains).
They call at Wien Miite, the main public transport hub in the east end of the city centre.

(7) New, smart, and reasonably priced hotels have opened in the vicinity of Wien Hbf.
So if you want convenient access to and from the station, and are happy to use public transport or taxis to travel to/from the city centre, then staying near Wien Hbf can be a wise choice.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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