Passing by the River Inn near Kufstein station

Wien / Vienna to Innsbruck by train

How to take a train journey from Wien/Vienna to Innsbruck

No two major Austrian cities are a further distance from each other than Vienna/Wien and Innsbruck, but the railway which links them has been enhanced over the passed decade.
A high-speed railway hasn't been constructed, but the work has enabled the smart Railjet trains to complete the journey in the fastest ever time.



From Wien Hbf/Hauptbahnhof to Innsbruck Hbf

Travel Information

Final Destination: Bregenz or Zurich or Innsbruck

All trains also call at: Salzburg
Some trains also call at: Kufstein and Worgl

The fastest Railjet trains on this route have been re-branded 'Railjet Express' and will be shown as 'RJX' on timetables and departure screens, but the on-board experience is the same as the standard Railjet trains.

Departing from Vienna/Wien:

Most of these Railjet trains between Wien/Vienna and Innsbruck commence their journeys at Wien Flufghagen/Vienna Airport station.

If your journey in Vienna is commencing in the south west corner of the city, or the area on the ring road around the Opera House - then it's likely that you'll have a faster and more convenient journey if you join the train at Wien-Meidling station.

Wien Meidling is connected to line U6 of the Vienna Metro, which serves the western side of the city centre.

up to 14 x trains per day


Book early and save: Yes

Online bookings open: 6 months ahead of the travel date

The discounted tickets are the 'Sparscheine' tickets and they can be booked online up until the day of departure, but they CAN'T be booked at stations, so booking last minute at the station is always more expensive.

Though you'll usually need to book the 'Sparscheine' tickets at least a couple of days ahead to obtain them at the cheapest possible price.

Trains departing at different times can also be cheaper than others leaving on the same day, so you may need to look through the day's departures to find the cheapest fares
formation/6-austria) to Austrian train tickets - it should help you save time and money and confusion.

Seat reservations are optional, but they're particularly recommended for this journey.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
OBB from €24

OBB Guide

OBB is the national rail operator and its booking service offers journeys by express trains within Austria, as well as international journeys which don't involve making a connection outside of Austria.

It pays off to book online, as the discounted 'Sparscheine' tickets are only ever made available on the website, and when making international journeys to and from Austria, these Sparscheine tickets tend to be cheaper.
OBB can offer particularly good value for money when travelling with children on international rail journeys, but something to watch out for when travelling between Austria and Germany on daytime trains, is that reservations are an optional extra; but if you book 1st class tickets with the Germany railways website DB, the reservations are complimentary.

OBB often takes a unique approach to its booking path, but a key thing to keep in mind is that the first price you will see for any journey is that of a Second Class seat.
The costs of upgrading to first class, a reservation, or a sleeping cabin etc, is then added to this price.

Trainline from €24

Trainline Guide

Happyrail from €24

Happyrail Guide

Happy Rail is a Netherlands rail ticket agency which sells tickets for both national and international journeys within a range of countries including Belgium France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland.

HappyRail doesn't charge booking fees in the conventional sense, but if you're not Dutch you can expect to pay additional transaction fees, which will be added to the total cost.
That's because the most common form of online payment used in The Netherlands is 'iDEAL' and HappyRail doesn't charge a transaction fee for 'iDEAL' payments, but only Dutch residents can sign up to 'iDEAL'.
Other forms of payment include Visa debit cards will incur a fee.

On this journey

Journey Features

Scenic - NoNot High Speed

Good to Know

Some of the Railjets between Wien and Innsbruck are joined together with Wien to Munchen Railjets for the part of the journey between Wien and Salzburg.
So double check that you're in the right part of the train, particularly if you have hopped on board with a rail pass and therefore don't have a reservation.

Instead of building an entirely new high speed railway, the decision was taken to upgrade and straighten the main Western Railway which crosses Austria.
So between Wien/Vienna and Linz the train will travel at up to 230 km/h (close to the high speed threshold).

Then between Worgl and Innsbruck a new line that's mainly in tunnel, saves around 20 mins on the old route.
However, the tunnels take the train away from what had been the scenic highlight of the journey.
Though the trains still travel by the banks of the River Inn near Kufstein and it's this view by Kuftstein which has been pictured above and showcased in this video.

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