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Innsbruck Hbf (Innsbruck)

This guide to using Innsbruck Hbf station explains how to navigate the station, and how to access the airport and the Hungerburgbahn.


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Looking down on the main concourse at Innsbruck Hbf Looking down on the main concourse at Innsbruck Hbf
The main ticket office at Innsbruck Hbf The main ticket office at Innsbruck Hbf
Don't head to the bahnsteig too soon, they're in the open in what can be a chilly location Don't head to the bahnsteig too soon, they're in the open in what can be a chilly location
Jump on a local train to Brennero for the beautiful journey Jump on a local train to Brennero for the beautiful journey

Innsbruck's impressive and comparatively easy to use main station is a key hub on the European rail network, as it the main interchange point of the east-west Zurich/Bregenz - Feldkirch - Innsbruck - Salzburg - Linz - Wien route, with the north-south Munchen - Innsbruck - Bolzano - Trento - Verona route.

Innsbruck Hbf is located on the eastern edge of the city centre, within a 10-15 walk of many of the city's main attractions, including the Tiroler Landesmuseum and the Audioversum science museum.
There is a tram and bus station on the station forecourt and trams lines/routes 3, 5 and STB call at Innsbruck Hbf, though the tram routes go in a clockwise circular loop around the city centre, so the trams heading away from the station travel along the street named Salurner StraBe and those heading towards Innsbruck Hbf travel along Museum StraBe.

Departing by long distance train:

Waiting for a train in zone C Waiting for a train in zone C
The blue departure screens on each platform, those on the left show the train formation and zone info The blue departure screens on each platform, those on the left show the train formation and zone info

At Innsbruck Hbf train station the long bahnsteigs (platforms/tracks) numbered 1-7 that most of the trains depart from are divided into zones A, B, C and D.
On the departure screens these zones will be used, along with the number of the bahnsteig (platform/track), so that you may see that the Railjet to Wien is departing from '4 BC' etc.

The trains depart from an upper level, so there are two passage ways that run beneath the bahnsteigs (platforms/tracks) and both of these passage ways give access to the trains from the departure hall.

However, when taking a train from Innsbruck Hbf pay particular attention to the zone(s) on the bahnsteig (platform/track) that your train will be departing from.
As you face the platforms from the departure hall, the passage way at the far left of the hall is the quickest route to zone A.
While that on the right has the easiest access to zones C and D.
If your train is departing from zone B it doesn’t matter which passage way you use.

You don’t need to use either passage way if you are commencing your journey at Innsbruck and your train is departing from /bahnsteigs (platforms/tracks 21-22), as they have their own access from the south side of the departure hall.

If your train isn’t yet listed on the departure screens you can use the yellow 'Abfarhrt' departure posters to check the details of its departure.

At the main station in Innsbruck on each bahnsteig (platform/track) you will find a blue electronic indicator showing the formation of each train that is due to depart from that particular platform/track/bahnsteig.
It will show in which zone you need to wait for easy boarding into a specific coach, so it’s particularly useful if you have a reservation.
You can also use it to work out in which zone of the platform the 1st class coaches will be located.

If you haven't reserved it’s a good idea to work out the furthest point along the platform/bahnsteig from the entrance, that the train will be using.
Comparatively few of your fellow travellers will bother to make the effort to do this, so in theory, you’ll then face less competition for seats when boarding your train.

Changing Trains At Innsbruck Hbf

A typical train departure summary poster as used at stations in Austria A typical train departure summary poster as used at stations in Austria

The two passage ways that run beneath the bahnsteigs (platforms/tracks)  have to be used if you need to transfer between bahnsteigs when changing trains

Both passage ways are linked to each platform/bahnsteig by stairs, escalators and lifts, so you won’t have to walk the length of the platform to search for a lift at Innsbruck Hbf.

If you’re changing trains at Innsbruck Hbf and your subsequent train is departing from bahnsteigs (platforms/tracks 21-22), you will find them towards the end of bahnsteig 1.

If you’re changing trains it’s a good idea to seek out the timetable departure sheets before exiting the platform/track/bahnsteig that you’re train has just arrived at.

If you’re in luck your subsequent train will be departing from the same platform/track/bahnsteig that you have just arrived at.

Transferring between Innsbruck Airport and the Station

The airport/flughafen in Innsbruck is located only 2.5km from town and it linked to the station/bahnhof by local bus route/line 'F'.
At Innsbruck Hbf station the buses heading to 'Flughafen' depart from stop C in the bus station - on the 'Sudtroller Platz' forecourt right outside the main exit.

At the airport take the buses heading to Bagersee.

The journey is scheduled to take around only 18 mins and buses run every 15 mins in both directions during the day.

To The Hungerburgbahn / Nordkette Winter Sports Area

The easiest access from the main railway station in Innsbruck to the funicular which leads up to Hungerburgbahn isn't on a tram route,
So the options are:

  • On foot will take around 15-20 mins to reach the Congress station, the nearest Hungerburgbahn station to Innsbruck Hbf; though the route isn't particularly obvious, or :
  • take either one of the two bus route options:

(1) Board bus line H, from stand C in the bus station in front of the station, and alight at the 'Innsbruck Congress/Hofburg' stop on the street named Rennweg (three stops from Innsbruck Hbf/station).
Though once you get off the bus,  you'll need to walk up the street north of the bus stop to access the 'Congress' station on the Hungerburgbahn


(2) Take the less frequent Regional Buses on lines/routes 502 and 503 to the 'Lowenhaus/Orf stop', which is adjacent to the 'Lowenhaus' station on the Hungerbergbahn.

To The Nordkette Winter Sports area

The terminus station of the Hungerburgbahn is steps away from the base station of the Seegrubebahn cable car, which gives access to the Nordkette mountain/sports/skiing complex.

Convenient Hotels/Hostels

There isn’t a wide choice of accommodation that is both within an easy walk of Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof AND has user ratings of over 80%.

The few suggestions below comprise a fairly comprehensive list of places to stay that meet both of these criteria.

Grand Hotel Europa**

Adlers Hotel Innsbruck**

Ibis Innsbruck - It's on top of the station!

Hotel Zach

Pension Stoi

Nala IndividuellHotel a 10 – 12 min walk from Innsbruck Hbf)

Accessing the Achenseebahn / Achensee and Zillertalbahn / Zillertal Railways

Both of these highly scenic railways -  the Achenseebahn and the Zillertalbahn share Jenbach station with OBB trains.

OBB operates frequent S-Bahn and Rex trains between Innsbruck and Jenbach and the journey typically takes around only 20 minutes.

Holiday in Innsbruck and take day trips by train:

Beautiful railway routes head off in every direction from Innsbruck, so the city makes a great base for easy exploring by train.


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