Innsbruck to St Johann in Tirol by train

How to take the rail journey Innsbruck to the ever popular resort village

St Johann a ski resort with particularly easy access by train from Innsbruck.
By far the most frequent option for taking the train involves making a connection between two regional trains at Worgl station, where making the transfer between the trains is typically as simple as can be.

Taking this journey option with a transfer is the only means of reaching St Johann by train from Innsbruck in most hours of the day, but if you can depart before 12:30, there are two daily direct express trains available.



Option 1: taking the direct train(s)

Journey Summary

Travel Time
1hr 16min
Travel Information

Final Destination: Graz

These trains also call at: Kirchberg in Tirol

If you want to take target these faster express trains to St. Johann, then they are usually scheduled to depart from Innsbruck at 08:21 and 12:21.

2 x trains per day


Book early and save: No (not for this journey, which seems to be an exception to the usual rules for EC/IC train journeys in Austria).

If you want to take these faster express trains, look for the trains that are usually scheduled to depart from Innsbruck at 08:21 and 12:21.

Reservations are optional, but they're recommended for this journey if you will be travelling on Friday - Sunday during the winter sports season or at the height of summer.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost

OBB Guide

OBB is the national rail operator and its booking service offers journeys by express trains within Austria, as well as international journeys which don't involve making a connection outside of Austria.

It pays off to book online, as the discounted 'Sparscheine' tickets are only ever made available on the website, and when making international journeys to and from Austria, these Sparscheine tickets tend to be cheaper.
OBB can offer particularly good value for money when travelling with children on international rail journeys, but something to watch out for when travelling between Austria and Germany on daytime trains, is that reservations are an optional extra; but if you book 1st class tickets with the Germany railways website DB, the reservations are complimentary.

OBB often takes a unique approach to its booking path, but a key thing to keep in mind is that the first price you will see for any journey is that of a Second Class seat.
The costs of upgrading to first class, a reservation, or a sleeping cabin etc, is then added to this price.

Trainline Österreich *

Trainline Österreich Guide

On this journey

Journey Features

Scenic - YesLandscape (Hills / Mountains)

Good to Know

This will be a fabulous journey, for pretty much the entire trip, the train will be travelling through Alpine Valleys.

Our lack of images is due to the fact on the most recent occasion we planned to make this trip, the weather was atrocious.

Option 2: much more frequent, but indirect

Journey Summary

Travel Time
1hr 18min - 1hr 31min
Travel Information

Daily between 08:00 and 21:00 the timetable is typically arranged so that the EC trains to Munchen have easy connections at Worgl into S-Bahn trains heading from Worgl to St Johann.
The EC trains to Munchen depart from Innsbruck in even hours.

Also during the day on Mon-Fri, most of the Railjets heading to Wien, also have typically good connections at Worgl into REX trains on to St Johann.

But at weekends the number of REX trains heading to St Johann from Worgl is reduced, so on Sat/Sunday the best option is usually to depart from Innsbruck on the EC trains to Munchen.

The connections at Worgl cannot be absolutely guaranteed but the EC, and particularly the Railjet trains, from Innsbruck tend to be reliable time-keepers.

Mon - Friday = 15 x connections per day
Saturdays = 10 x connections 
Sundays = 8 x connections


Book Early and Save: No

Train 1

Good to Know

Final Destination:

Railjet Trains - Flughafen Wien or Wien Hbf or Budapest

EC/IC trains - Munchen

During the day there is 1 x Railjet train per hour, but in most even hours there is also an EC train that departs around 25 mins after the Railjet train has departed.

Train 2

Image coming soon...
Wörgl Hbf
St Johann in Tirol
Image coming soon...
St Johann in Tirol

Journey Features

Scenic - YesLandscape (Hills / Mountains)

Good to Know

Final Destination:
S-Bahn trains = Hochfilzen
REX trains = Schwarzach St Veit or Strabwelchen

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