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About the station

Despite it being a large space, Basel's main train station is comparatively easy to use.

A lot of effort clearly been made to make the transition between entrance/exit and the trains as simple as possible.

Our guide to using Basel SBB train station, will nevertheless be a help for first time users, particularly because what can be less obvious is that it's a train station of two parts:

(1) the main SBB (Swiss) station 

(2) the SNCF station – which is now primarily only used by TER trains to France, including the trains to Strasbourg.

In The Main Station:

The train services which depart from the main SBB (Swiss) part of the station include:

(i) all trains to other cities in Switzerland
(ii) the ICE and EC trains to Germany
(iii) the EC trains to Italy
(iv) the overnight trains
(v) the Lyria trains to Paris.

In this SBB station, platforms/tracks/gleis 1-4 are on the same (street) level as the main concourse.

Platforms/tracks/gleis 5-17 can be accessed via a huge bridge that is lined with shops and cafes.

This bridge has steps, escalators and lifts to/from the main concourse and to/from each platform/gleis.

As a result changing trains in the main SBB station is comparatively stress free - despite it not being a terminal station.

SBB also has an info desk on the bridge - so if you use the bridge to change trains and want to double check the details of your onwards departure, you don’t have to descend to the main concourse.

The SNCF station: Gl: 30-35:

To the right of the main concourse, as you enter the station from the city side, (where the tram stops are) - is a passage way that houses quality food stores and exceptional take-away counters.

(If you’ll be taking a long trip then buy some food from here, it will be superior to any that you’ll find on a train).

This passage way is also the link to the SNCF part of the station - from where the TER and local trains on the route towards Mulhouse and Strasbourg depart from.

Note that the Lyria trains to Dijon and Paris don't depart from here, they depart from the main SBB station.

The SNCF platforms/gleis/tracks 30-35 are all at street level - and this part of the station has a separate character.

You have to go through a sliding door below a sign proclaiming 'FRANCE' to access the trains - you'll then pass through the rather lovely SNCF departure hall.

When taking a train from this SNCF part of the station, you have to remember to STAMP your tickets, in the machines located at the entrance to the platforms/voies.

The current program of building work at the SBB station, is about to be extended to the SNCF station - so hopefully its special character can be preserved.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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