The main station hall at Basel Bad bf is enriched by the stunning light show

Basel Bad Bf (Basel / Bâle)

Basel Bad Bf (or Basel Badischer Bahnhof) is a unique train station, as it is managed by Germany's national rail operator, DB, but it located wholly within Switzerland.

Most of the train services which use the station are travelling to and from Germany - which explains why we've included German railways info on the buttons below.


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The exterior of Basel bad bf The exterior of Basel bad bf
Two double deck Regio trains operated by DB await departure Two double deck Regio trains operated by DB await departure

For the city centre/old town take tram line 6 (direction Allschwill) to Marktplatz.
For the Kunstmuseum take tram line 2 (direction Binningen).
The tram station is on the station forecourt, turn left out of the main exit.

Because it is managed by the German national rail operator, Basel Bad Bf resembles a typical major German station (a Hauptbahnhof) in relation to its signage, information screens and the manner in which the gleis/platforms/tracks are zoned.

Hence our general guide to using stations in Germany also applies to Basel Bad Bf.

The gleis (platforms/tracks) have steps and slopes to/from a passage way that leads to/from the entrance hall.

All of the ICE trains to and from Basel call at Basel Bad Bf on their way to/from Basel SBB station, but that main station is to the south of the city centre.
So if you’re travelling between a destination in Germany and Basel city centre, the fastest and easiest option is to leave or board trains at Basel Bad Bf.

Only travel between Germany and Basel SBB if:
(1) your final destination is to the south of the city centre, or
(2) if you want to connect into trains to other destinations in Switzerland, or
(3) if your final destination is on a tram route that departs from outside Basel SBB station.

Booking tickets to Basel SBB from cities in Germany is also usually more expensive than booking tickets to Basel Bad Bf.
DB classifies the journey to Basel SBB as an international journey - and the cheapest advance prices on DB aren't available on international journeys.
In contrast the journey to Basel Bad bf is treated as though its a journey wholly within Germany.

To the city centre:

When you exit from the front of the main hall at the station, the tram stops are over to the left, you don't have to cross the street.

Tram line 6 (direction Allschwil) goes to the heart of the city centre at the Markt-platz stop it's a seven stop ride from the station.

Tram line 1 (direction Bahnfof SBB) and Tram line 2 (direction Binningen Konenplatz) link the station to the eastern side of the city centre, including a stop at the Kunstmuseum.
Tram lines 1 and 2 also link the Bf and SBB stations,


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