Another view of the main hall at Basel Bad bf station

from Praha / Prague/ Prag to Basel by train

How take the overnight direct train from Praha / Prague to Basel

A new Nightjet service connects the Czech capital to the international rail hub of Basel



How to take the train from Praha / Prague to Basel

Travel Information

Final Destination: Zurich

This train also calls at: Holesovice station in Praha and at Decin

This train is typically scheduled to depart from Praha hl.n, the main station in the Czech capital, at 18:26 and arrive in Basel Bad bf at 06:56.
If you will be heading to Basel city centre leave the train when it arrives in Basel Bad bf station.

Though if your ultimate destination is to the south of central Basel, or if you will be connecting into trains on to other destinations in Switzerland, book tickets to and leave the train at the station call beyond Basel Bad bf, which is Basel SBB.

This train is typically due to arrive in Basel SBB station at 07:20 and a Lyria train service to Paris is usually scheduled to depart at 08:34.

1 x train per night


Book early and save: Yes*

Online bookings usually open: 2 months ahead of the travel date

It's worth making the effort to book ahead if you want a bed in a sleeping cabin, but you'll save less than €10 compared to booking at the station if you want to travel in a seat or couchette.

A plus of booking online is that you will have ensured your place on the train. Your first choice of accommodation MAY be sold out if you don't book in advance.

There's much to be admired regarding the CD website, the online booking service of the Czech national rail operator, České dráhy, but how to book a berth in a couchette, or a bed in a sleeping cabin isn't particularly obvious.

Hence our step-by-step guide to booking overnight accommodation on the CD website, which you can find HERE.

Travelling with a rail pass:

Rail pass users must reserve before boarding these trains, and reservations CAN be booked online - follow the same steps as for booking tickets, except when initially looking up the journey, select, 'I want a reservation' instead of 'Buy'

OR reservations can also be arranged and paid for at the CD Travel desk at Praha hl.n station - ideally do this when you first arrive in Prague/Praha hl.n on the preceding train on your itinerary.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
CD *

CD Guide

CD is the national rail operator in Czechia and its very smart online booking service sells tickets for all express train services which it operates within Czechia, as well international journeys by EC, Railjet, SuperCity and overnight trains.
Some express trains, both within and to/from Czechia are operated by LeoExpress and Regiojet and these cannot be booked with CD.

CD also sells international tickets involving changes of train outside of Czechia for end-to-end journeys:

  • to Belgium
  • destinations in Germany not served by direct trains
  • to Paris
  • to Arhus, Copenhagen and Odense in Denmark
  • to destinations in Italy served by the overnight trains from Austria
  • to Luxembourg
  • to destinations in the The Netherlands, including Amsterdam, which are on the route of the direct trains from Berlin
  • to destinations in Romania, including Bucuresti served by the direct day and night trains from Budapest.

In addition to tickets, seat reservations, reservations for bicycles, plus reservations for couchettes and sleeping cabins, can also be booked online with CD, with no booking fees.

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This train also conveys seated accommodation, which is in effect an Intercity train that is attached to this train.

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