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About the station

The central station in Zurich is one of Europe's largest train travel hubs and it is now in effect three stations in one.
So our guide to using Zurich HB station will help make sense of how to navigate the station, particularly if your express train is using the relatively new lower level part of the station.

Though if you will be departing or arriving on an international train at Zurich's main train station, your experience of using the station will be comparatively simple.
That's because those international trains all use the older main part of the station, which is at street level.

However, if you will be travelling between Zurich's HB station and other Swiss destinations, this information should be a big help.
That's because, depending on their destination, those Swiss trains now use three different parts of the station - two of which are below ground.


Three Things That Are Good To Know About Zurich HB train station:

(1) Zurich HB isn't solely a railway station.
It's also one of the city's largest shopping malls - and the only one that is open on a Sunday, it's why the station is sometimes referred as 'Zurich Shop-Ville'.
So if you're following a holiday itinerary, Zurich HB is also a very convenient location for picking up additional supplies.

This mall, which is below the railway tracks, also links the lower level parts of the station, with the main concourse which is up at street level.
It can be easy to get lost in this mall, so keep an eye on the signs which will guide you around the station.

In addition to the mall, the main street level departure hall also functions as an exhibition space and on certain days of the week it also hosts a farmer's market.
If you happen to be in the station at those times and have time to have something to eat, head to the market and not the other food outlets.

(2) The main traveller services at Zurich HB station including the toilets, waiting rooms and left luggage lockers are located on a mezzanine level.
It is beneath the main concourse, the main access down to it  is located between the main concourse, where the trains arrive at gleis (tracks) 3 -18, and the main hall

The left luggage lockers cost €9 per 24 hours, they used to only accept coins - though newer lockers are being provided which accept credit and debit cards.
There is an easy-to-miss change machine available for converting notes to coins.

(3) The three parts of the station complex which the trains arrive at and depart from are:

(i) Platforms/tracks/gleis 3 - 18
These are located at the upper level/street level and this part of the station is a terminus.

All of the international trains arrive at and depart from this part of the station, but it is also used by some trains to Swiss destinations, the trains on the routes to Chur and Luagno always leave from here.

(ii) The lower level platforms/tracks/gleis 31 - 34, which now used by MOST of the express IC trains between Zurich and other destinations in Switzerland.
These include IC express trains on routes to Bern, Lausanne, Brig, St Gallen and Visp - most of the trains to Geneve also leave from here.

(iii) The lower level platforms/tracks/gleis 41 -44 which are used by most of the local (S-Bahn) trains.


If you would like help with planning a train journey to or from Zurich, or want to include the city on a European train travel itinerary, take a look at ShowMeTheJourney's new Concierge Service.

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