The stunning  San Simeone Piccolo church is across the Grand Canal from Venezia S. Lucia

How to take the fabulous rail journey from Zurich to Venice/Venezia

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Zürich / Zurich to Venezia / Venice / Venedig by train

Doesn't taking a train from Switzerland to gorgeous Venice/Venezia seem like a fabulously romantic notion?
Well the reality doesn't disappoint and the icing on the cake is that wonderful brand new trains, complete with restaurant cars, are now being used on this route.

Routes you can take to go from Zürich / Zurich to Venezia / Venice / Venedig

When travelling between most cities by train there is only one logical option, though on other journeys there is a choice between different trains or alternative routes. If different options are available you can use the info to decide which is best for you.

Choose one of the following options:

Route Information

Option 1: taking the daily direct train

Route Information

Via stations: Milano Centrale

Option 2: choose from more departures and connect in Milano