Verona Porta Nuova (Verona)

Our guide to using Verona Porta Nuova train station, also explains how to travel to the city centre and recommends where to stay for easy access to the station.


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The main entrance to Verona's main train station on a grey day The main entrance to Verona's main train station on a grey day
Binario 1 is beside the station buildings Binario 1 is beside the station buildings

Departing and arriving by train:

The elevator on binari 4 and 5 is the white set of doors behind the waiting room The elevator on binari 4 and 5 is the white set of doors behind the waiting room
On the binari these staircases lead to and from the main passage way On the binari these staircases lead to and from the main passage way

You can find out which binario/platform your train will be departing from using the electronic indicators.
Make sure you're looking at ‘Partenze’ departures and not 'Arrivia' arrivals - it’s easy to confuse the two.
The main departure board is on the wall of the main hall, above the ticket desks.

There are also paper departure 'Partenze' posters, which list all the trains in consecutive order - though they include trains only running on certain days of the week
If you're on a day trip to Verona you can use these posters to check the times of your return trains, before you head off into the city.

If the electronic departure information is different to the paper departure posters, then ignore the posters and follow the info on the electronic screens!

Transferring between the trains and the exits/entrance:

Most of the binari (platforms/tracks) at Verona Porta Nuova are linked to the main station building by two passage ways.
Though this choice of passage ways won't be particularly obvious - especially when arriving by train

At one end of each binario (platform/track), at the rear of trains arriving from Venice, at the front of trains arriving from Bologna, Milan and Trento, is a lift / elevator, which leads down to one of these passage ways
So when arriving by train there’s no need to follow the crowd and use the stairs which lead down town to the main passage, if you have luggage etc.
Instead take the longer, but step-free route.

When departing by train and accessing the binario / platforms from the departure hall, don’t head down the main passage if you want to use the lifts.
Follow the signs that you will lead you to the alternative passage way, that's to the left of the ticket hall.

Boarding Express Trains at Verona Porta Nuova station:

Taking an express train from Verona Porta Nuova train station has just become a lot easier.
Where to wait on the binari (platforms/tracks) for easy boarding into the coaches, which house your reserved seats on the train, used to be guess work.
Now red electronic screens have been installed on the binario/platforms used by the long distance trains.

These screens, indicate which carrozza/carriage/coach number will be located adjacent to each screen when a Frecce, EC or Italo train arrives at the platform/binario.

If you will be taking a Frecce, EC or Italo train, the carrozza number your seat will be located in, is printed on your ticket.
So now you’ll know where to wait on the binari/platform for easy access to your seat.

Boarding Regionale Trains at Verona Porta Nuova station:

If you’ll be taking a Regionale train then wait anywhere on the platform – though try and avoid the crowds.
Don’t forget to stamp your ticket in a machine before boarding a Regionale (R/RV) train.

To the city centre:

The bus station used by the local services is just outside the main exit The bus station used by the local services is just outside the main exit

Verona Porta Nuova station is some distance from the city centre.
The station’s exceptionally large forecourt is dominated by a newly expanded bus station and taking the bus to the city centre avoids the need to negotiate the busy roads.

If you’d rather set off on foot, then pick up a map of the city from the Tourist Information Office in the station.
The Tourist Office will also explain how you buy a bus ticket, you don’t pay the driver, but use a ticket machine that is on the bus - have plenty of change with you.

From the bus station in front of the train station, take bus lines 11, 12, 13, 51 and 52 to Piazza Bra, the main square and location of the Roman arena.
Bus lines 21, 22, 23, 24 and 61 stop near Castelvecchio and Porta Borsari.

Using the DB reservation sesk:

The DB reservation desk is behind the main hall at Verona Porta Nuova The DB reservation desk is behind the main hall at Verona Porta Nuova

The most frequent trains from Italy to Germany are the direct EuroCity trains to MunchenMunich, which all use Verona Porta Nuova, so the German national rail operator DB  has its own reservation (Reisezentrum) desk at this main station in Verona.
This is particularly useful for rail pass users  as this DB travel desk can arrange reservations for InterRail and Eurail on both Italian trains AND trains that don’t operate from Italy; and it won't charge booking fees!

Verona Porta Vescovo Station

When heading to Verona by train from the Venice direction don’t leave trains at Verona Porta Vescovo station.
Verona Porta Nuova, is the station after Porta Vescovo.

Conveniently Located Hotels/Hostels

What often isn’t obvious from looking at maps of the area around Verona Porta Nuova station, is that the station is located on a plot of land - cut off from the surrounding area and city centre, by wide busy roads, that don’t have subways.

So the area around Verona Porta Nuova station isn’t particularly suited to pulling suitcases behind you etc.

There are only two hotels by the station that can be accessed without crossing these roads and they are:

Sole Hotel Verona

Novo Hotel Rossi

Other hotels within a 10 min walk of Verona Porta Nuova Station

Use the pedestrian crossings to access these hotels on foot.

These are the only hotels within a 10 minute walk of Verona Porta Nuova, though a feature of Verona, is that the area to the north of the station is also host to numerous quality B&Bs.

Hotel Leon d’Oro

Hotel Indigo

Giberti Hotel

Hotel Scalzi


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