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About the station

Our guide to using Milano Centrale station includes insights into departing and arriving from here by train, including how to travel between Milano Centrale and Malpensa Airport.

It also shows why the city is an ideal base for exploring the wonders of northern Italy by train -  also included is the pick of the hotels near the station with top guest ratings.

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The majority (but not all) of the long distance express trains to and from Milano arrive at and depart from Centrale train station.
Though the station doesn't live up to its name with a location on the northern edge of the city centre - hence most of the commuter trains to/from the city use other stations in Milano.

Commuter trains to destinations to the north and west of Milano - including the shores of Lake Como and alternative trains to Lake Maggiore - depart from Porta Garibaldi station.
Some of the high speed Frecce trains to and from the city only call at this station and Porta Garibaldi is also the station which the TGV trains to France depart from and arrive at.

Most of the high speed trains between Milano and destinations to the south including Firenze/Florence, Roma and Napoli now ALSO call at Milano Rogoredo station.
This station is connected to the heart of the city centre by line M3 of the Milano Metro, as well as local trains to and from these stations - Milano Repubblica and 
Milano Porta Venezia.
So if you will be travelling by train between Milan city centre and Bologna, Firenze, Roma or Napoli, it's likely that you'll have a faster and easier journey if you use Milano Rogoredo station INSTEAD of Milano Centrale.


Despite the relative lack commuters, Milan's Central railway station is always busy during the day, when arriving by train in particular the crowds can seem overwhelming.
That's partially because so many travellers have to change trains at Milano Centrale.
If you're heading south from Switzerland by train, the station functions as a gateway to Italy.

Fortunately it's a comparatively easy location in which to change trains, as all of the platforms/tracks/binari used by the long distance trains are on one level.
But making your way to and from this concourse that these trains depart from can be more complicated - hence this guide!

Milano Centrale is also controversial, but its gloriously romantic station buildings pre-date the fascist era.
The chief legacy of that period of history are the three enormous glass canopies that cover the platforms.

Binari = platforms/tracks (plural)
Binario = platform/track (singular)


Four Things Also Worth Knowing About Milano Centrale:

(1) In contrast to most Italian stations, there are no paper train departure posters at Milano Centrale.
You have to rely on the electronic departure screens for confirmation on which platform/track/binario each train will be departing from - hence the concourse becoming crowded at busy times.

(2) Avoid using particularly large suitcases/bags – the lifts at Milano Centrale are solely for the use of those that require mobility assistance.
Meaning that the moving walkways are the only alternative to using the stairs.
However, there are barriers at the entrances to the moving walkways that block access to particularly large bags.

(3) Though if you don’t have luggage - then the stairs give the quickest access to/from the street level and the entrance to the Metro.

(4) If you’re heading to Malpensa Airport, ignore the signs in the main station building that have the plane symbols.
These are pointing the way to the buses to Linate Airport.

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Bus Station
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Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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