By Train from Paris (France) to Roma / Rome (Italy) - Option 1: travel on high speed trains by day, making a connection in Torino/Turin

Journey Summary

Depart Paris (France)

Paris Gare de Lyon/Paris Lyon

Arrive Roma / Rome (Italy)

Roma Termini
Journey Time
from 10hr 31min (via Torino)

2 x optimum connections per day

Change trains in: Torino/Turin

Travelling by day from Paris to Roma/Rome by train should be straightforward.

The TGVs from Paris that depart daily at 06:30 and 10:39 will arrive at Torino Porta Susa station  - and both Frecce and Italo high speed trains operate direct from Torino Porta Susa station to Roma.

The connecting time between trains at Torino Porta Susa station will be 35 - 40 minutes

So the journey itself is comparatively simple, but finding tickets for these connections at Torino Porta Susa can be a needle in a hay stack scenario – but Oui.SNCF seems to consistently offer this journey option of connecting in Torino/Turin

Changing trains at Torino Porta Susa station has two major advantages over making the connection between trains in Milano:

(1) The TGVs from Paris arrive at Milano Porta Garibaldi station, but most of the Frecce and Italo trains between Milano and Roma depart from Milano Centrale station –  though the Milano Metro links Porta Garibaldi and Centrale.

(2) The TGVs don’t use the high speed line between Torino and Milano, but the Frecce and Italo trains do, so they save around an hour when making the journeys between the two cities.

So making the connection at Torino Porta Susa station is less hassle and faster.

Though travelling via Milano can be cheaper - so you may have to trade off convenience against price.

The third train of the day from Paris arrives in Torino and Milano too late to make high speed train connections on to Roma.

Train 1

  • Depart: Paris (France)
  • Arrive: Torino / Turin (Italy)
  • Journey time: 5hr 37 min - 6hr 37 min*

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Train 2

  • Depart: Torino / Turin (Italy)
  • Arrive: Roma / Rome (Italy)
  • Journey time: 3hr 55min - 4hr 18 min

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Ticket information

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