How to take a train journey from Paris to Brugge/Bruges by train

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Paris to Brugge / Bruges by train

There are two options for taking the train from Paris to Brugge/Bruges:

  1. Making only one connection between trains at Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid station
  2. A longer, but usually cheaper route via Lille

Routes you can take to go from Paris to Brugge / Bruges

When travelling between most cities by train there is only one logical option, though on other journeys there is a choice between different trains or alternative routes. If different options are available you can use the info to decide which is best for you.

Choose one of the following options:
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Route Information

Via stations: Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel Zuid and Bruxelles-Central/Brussel-Centraal

Option: Travelling via Brussels is faster and simpler
Travel Time (approx)

2hr 37min (via Bruxelles)



Travel Info

Change trains in: Bruxelles

1 x connection per hour

Is this journey from Paris to Bruges / Brügge direct?
No, a connection in Bruxelles is required.

Is the journey scenic?

What other tourist locations are along the route from Paris to Bruges / Brügge ?
Bruxelles and Gent / Ghent

How easy is it to get to the station in Paris?
The Gare Du Nord is served by two Metro lines - line 4 serves also serves Gare Montparnasse and line 5 also serves Paris Austerlitz.
The station also has direct rail links from the Gare de Lyon and CDG Airport.
See the Station Guide above for more info, plus easy access to multiple options for booking somewhere to stay by the Gare De Nord.

Are tickets cheaper if booked in advance for the Paris to Bruges / Brügge trains?
Yes, and they can be purchased from a choice of booking agents - see below.

How soon ahead of travel are tickets typically placed on sale for the Paris to Bruges / Brügge trains?
Typically up to 6 months ahead of the travel date; see the Ticket Information

What are the child ticket terms for the Paris to Bruges / Brügge journney?
Children under the age of 12 travel at a flat rate price of €15 in Standard, €20 in Comfort and €30 in Premium Class on the train to Bruxelles and there will no charge for the journey on to Bruges
The adult rate is charged for those aged 12 and over
Source = Eurostar

Does the ticket for the Paris to Bruges / Brügge train include assigned seats?
Yes on the train to Bruxelles, but reservations are not available on the train on to Bruges - See the Train Guide in the Journey Information for insights on how to board the train.

Do rail pass users need to book reservations for the Paris to Bruges / Brügge trains?
Yes; see the rail pass reservation guide for the options on how to book.

Is catering available on the Paris to Bruges / Brügge trains?
Yes, there is a bar/bistro car and a vending machine
A complimentary at-seat meal service is available in Premier Class
Source = Eurostar

What else is good to know about French rail travel?
Check out the guide to travelling by train in France.

What else is good to know about Belgian rail travel?
Check out the guide to travelling by train in Belgium.

Route Information

Via stations: Lille Flandres and Kortrijk

Option 2: Travelling via Lille is a cheaper option for rail pass users
Travel Time (approx)

3hr 9min



Travel Info

Change trains in: Lille AND Kortrijk

up to 13 x connections per day.

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