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About the station

The Gare De Lyon station in Paris is a rather beautiful, but a somewhat confusing space to navigate for first time users - particularly when departing by train.
Hence our guide to using the station, plus how to access central Paris and the city's other stations from Gare De Lyon and where to stay near the station.

The top two tips are (i) take your time and (ii) set aside how you would normally use a station - letting the signs and info screens in the station guide you to your train.

The Gare De Lyon lives up to its name as the TGVs to Lyon do depart and arrive from here.
Though the station also hosts high speed trains to/from a swathe of other fabulous destinations in the south of France, the French Alps, Burgundy, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

So many high speed trains use the Gare De Lyon, that they can't all be accommodated in the original terminal building - in fact most now use an extension to the side of it.
The fact the Gare De Lyon is in effect multiple stations, sharing one location, is the source of much of the confusion. 


Seven Things Worth Knowing about Gare De Lyon:

(1) Aim to arrive at Paris Gare De Lyon a minimum of 15mins before your train departs.

(2) The Gare De Lyon is in effect four stations in one building:
(i) Hall 1
(ii) Hall 2
(iii) the RER/Metro station - and
(iv) the part of the station used by the 'Transilien' commuter trains

(3) The two parts of the station, which the long distance trains depart from and arrive at, are named Hall 1 and Hall 2.
They're some distance from each other, so being aware of which of these 'Halls' your train will be departing from, is important.

(4) Think of Gare De Lyon as you would a large airport, with these 'Hall's being the equivalent of 'Terminals' .

(5) But unlike an airport, for the long distance trains, there are no absolute rules at Gare De Lyon, as to which hall (terminal) your TGV, Lyria or Intercités train will be departing from.
It could be Hall 1 OR Hall 2 - but which of these halls a train will be departing from, is included on all of the departure screens at the station.

(6) Gare De Lyon is served by Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 14.

(7) Gare De Lyon is also served by two lines of the network of RER trains in Paris - line A and Line D.
In central Paris these RER lines are the equivalent of express metro lines.
Both Line A and Line D link Gare De Lyon with Chatelet-les Halles.
Line A also calls at the city centre stations of Auber and Charles de Gaulle – Étoile.
Line D connects the Gare De Lyon to the Gare Du Nord.


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