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About the station

Our guide to using Lyon Part-Dieu train station will help make sense of what can be a bewildering space.

What makes Lyon Part-Dieu a somewhat confusing rail station for first time users, is that the building which houses the station has a dual function.

It isn't solely a station, it is also a passage way, which links two popular parts of the city and connects some of the tram stops at Part-Dieu to its Metro station.

As a result Lyon Part-Dieu station can feel busy and somewhat chaotic.

Compounding this is the fact that the voie/platform/track that each train will be leaving from - isn’t usually confirmed until around 15 mins before departure.

So the ground level concourse/passage often becomes crowded with people waiting for trains.

In an effort to make Lyon Part-Dieu an easier space to use, a major program of construction work has commenced at the station.

During this time different parts of the station will be sequentially closed off AND the usual routes through the station and to/from the trains MAY be subject to diversion.

ALL of our info describes the usual means of navigating the station and accessing the trains.

Entering Lyon Part-Dieu Train Station:

You will enter Lyon Part-Dieu station either by its Porte Rhône or its Porte Alples entrances.

They are located at either end of the large and wide passage way that runs beneath the voies/platforms/tracks - this passage way houses all of the station facilities.

The crowds can bewilder - but the signposting is excellent, so navigating the station is fairly straightforward.

Worth Knowing:

At Lyon Part-Dieu the voies/platforms/tracks are assigned letters and NOT numbers.

Which can be confusing because each voie/platform/track is divided into zones/repéres - and these zones are also marked by letters.

On the platforms the zone letters are bigger than those that indicate which voie/platform/track it is.

Left Luggage at Lyon Part-Dieu:

Lyon Part-Dieu has a left luggage office instead of lockers - so you have to process the depositing of any bags with the attendant.

The instructions can get somewhat lost in translation, but when I was last there, the staff couldn’t have been more helpful.

1st Class Lounge
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Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
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Taxi Rank
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