By Train from Paris (France) to Brugge / Bruges (Belgium) - Option 1: Indirect

Journey Summary

Depart Paris (France)

Paris Gare Du Nord/Paris Nord

Arrive Brugge / Bruges (Belgium)

Journey Time
2hr 37min (via Bruxelles)
Change trains in: Bruxelles

1 x connection per hour

This routing via Bruxelles/Brussels is the fastest and easiest option for train journeys between Paris and Brugge/Bruges - compared to the alternative route via Lille.

Though that 2hr 37min journey time is dependent on making a transfer between trains in Bruxelles/Brussels of under 20 mins.

However, don't be too concerned about making the connection because your ticket will be valid on any train between Bruxelles/Brussels and Brugge and there are 2 - 3 express (IC) trains per hour between the two cities.

Reservations aren't available on the trains between Bruxelles and Brugge.

Train 1

  • Depart: Paris (France)
  • Arrive: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Journey time: 1hr 22min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Arrive: Brugge / Bruges (Belgium)
  • Journey time: 1hr 3 min - 1hr 13 min

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Ticket information

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