By Train from Berlin (Germany) to Wien / Vienna (Austria) - Option 1: travel via Praha and you'll have a greater choice of daytime connections, and it can be cheaper too

Journey Summary

Depart Berlin (Germany)

Berlin Hbf

Arrive Wien / Vienna (Austria)

Wien Hbf/Hauptbahnhof
Journey Time
9hr 50 min (via Praha)
4* x optimum connections per day

Change trains in: Prag/Praha

*There are four daily departures that in theory enable this journey via Praha/Praha/Prag to be completed in a day.

(Though DB never seems to offer all of these combinations of trains for sale - see the 'Ticket Information below').

When making this journey by day on this route via Dresden and Praha, the connecting time between trains at Praha hl.n. station  will be around 1hr 25 mins, so making the transfer on to the train to Wien is virtually guaranteed.

This train route between the German and Austrian capitals is worth considering if you have a rail pass - and want to see something of Prague/Praha/Prag without spending the night there.

Take the 06:59 departure from Berlin and you can spend more than five hours in the Czech capital before the last train of the day departs from Praha on to Wien/Vienna.

The alternative connections:

(1) For the first time, when making a train journey between Berlin and Vienna, there is an option of taking a direct ICE train between the German and Austrian capitals

(2) If you want to save money and get to Vienna faster, there is an option of making the connection between trains in Nurnberg, instead of Prague.

Of these options target those that have '1' and 'ICE' displayed - as they involve what should be a straightforward connection in Nurnberg.

(3) Not only has the daytime direct connection by train from Berlin to Vienna/Wien been restored, the two cities have also now been reconnected by an overnight train.

Train 1

  • Depart: Berlin (Germany)
  • Arrive: Praha / Prague / Prag (Czech Republic)
  • Journey time: 4hr 27min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Praha / Prague / Prag (Czech Republic)
  • Arrive: Wien / Vienna (Austria)
  • Journey time: 4hr 5min

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Ticket information

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