When Graz Hbf was modernised the platforms were given dramatic new canopies

Graz Hbf (Graz)

Welcome to the guide to using the main central station in Graz, which is very smart, comparatively easy to use, but fairly distant from the city centre.


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The smart passage way which gives access to most platforms at Graz Hbf The smart passage way which gives access to most platforms at Graz Hbf
The main station hall at Graz Hbf is now a giant work of art The main station hall at Graz Hbf is now a giant work of art

When arriving by train at Graz, there are escalators and elevators in the centres of the platforms/tracks (gleis) 2 – 7 used by the long-distance trains, which lead down to the passage way beneath the railway tracks.
At the end of this passage way further escalators, steps and elevators all lead up into the main station building.

Graz Haupbahnhof is blessed with a relatively uncomplicated layout and it has been recently modernised to make it more user friendly, than it ever would have been previously.
The station is usually exceptionally easy to use when arriving and departing on the express Railjet trains, which link Graz to Wien/Vienna, as these tend to use Gleis (platform/track) 1, which is right beside the main building.

To the city centre:

Graz Hauptbahnhof is 2km from the old town area in the heart of the city, which has U.N.E.S.C.O World Heritage status.
So the delights of the Schlossberg (castle hill), the cathedral and the Kunsthaus gallery are all a 20 – 30 minute walk from the city’s main station.
The walking route is relatively easy, once you’re on the street named Annenstrabe (easy to find because it has a tram tunnel in the middle of it) it’s a flat, straight route down to the old town.

Though the tram is the way to go, if you don’t want to head off on foot.
All four of the tram routes/lines which serve the station, the
1 to Maritrost
3 to Krengasse
6 to St Peter
7 to St Leonard
stop in the heart of the old town at ‘Hauptplatz/Congress’.

To travel from the station to the old town an ‘hourly ticket’ is required and the standard price is €2.50.
They can be purchased from ticket machines on the trams, or from OBB ticket machines in the station.
Or when buying train tickets to Graz on the OBB, Austrian national railways website, you can add a ‘Graz City Ticket, as an extra when booking.

The escalators and elevators which lead to down to the impressive subterranean tram stop are just outside the main station building at Graz Hbf, on is forecourt, which also functions as a bus station.


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