By Train from London (United Kingdom) to Bordeaux (France) - Option 1: via Lille, avoiding the transfer between stations across Paris

Journey Summary

Depart London (United Kingdom)

London St Pancras International

Arrive Bordeaux (France)

Bordeaux Saint-Jean
Journey Time
from 6hr 54min

2 - 3 x connections per day

Changing trains in: Lille

When travelling from London to Bordeaux by train, this route via Lille, avoids the need to make the particularly awkward transfer between stations if you take the alternative route via Paris.

If you travel via Paris you'll need to make your own way from the Gare Du Nord, where the Eurostars will arrive, to Gare Montparnasse, from where the TGVs on to Bordeaux depart.

However, if you want to travel this way via Lille, be aware of the following;

(1) You cannot USUALLY book end2nd tickets for this London to Bordeaux train journey option via Lille.

The booking needs to be split between London to Lille and Lille to Bordeaux journeys -  Loco 2 and Trainline will sell both the London to Lille and Lille to Bordeaux journeys.

As a result this routing is also usually more expensive than travelling via Paris.

The journey options via Lille are those which depart London 06:47 (Tues-Thurs only) and daily at 10:58 and 12:58
IF you do see those deprature times when looking up a journey, you may be able to book the end-to-end journey via LiIlle with just one transaction.

We're not sure why this can be inconsistent.

(2) Splitting the booking means that you will have to re-purchase tickets in Lille, in the unlikely event of the Eurostar arriving in Lille too late to make these connections.

Take the 06:47 (Tues-Thurs only) Eurostar from St Pancras International and you will have 50-55 minutes to make the connection in Lille.
The train on to Bordeaux is usually scheduled to depart at 10:20.

Or depart London daily at 10:58 daily and you will have around 1hr 20mins to make the connection in Lille into a train which is usually scheduled to depart at 14:48

Or take the 12:58 daily Eurostar from London and you will have around 1hr 45mins to make the connection into a train which is usually scheduled to depart from Lille at 17:16.

(3) The Eurostar trains will arrive at Lille Europe station, BUT  these TGVs to Bordeaux depart from Lille Flandres station.

The info on how to make this transfer in Lille is available HERE;  it’s a choice between a 5 – 10min walk, or a one station hop on the Lille metro.

(4) This routing is much slower than the fastest connections via Paris, as the TGVs between Lille and Bordeaux don’t use the new extension of the high speed line.

They only take the shorter high speed line as far as St Pierre des Corps and then travel on the older non high speed route via Poitiers.

Train 1

  • Depart: London (United Kingdom)
  • Arrive: Lille (France)
  • Journey time: 1hr 22min - 1hr 43min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Lille (France)
  • Arrive: Bordeaux (France)
  • Journey time: 4hr 35 min - 5hr 5min (approx)

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Ticket information

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