By Train from London (United Kingdom) to Berlin (Germany)

Journey Summary

Depart London (United Kingdom)

London St Pancras International

Arrive Berlin (Germany)

Berlin Hbf
Journey Time
from 9hr 8min
Mon - Thurs = 2 x connections* per day
Friday = 3 x connections*
Saturday = 2 x connections*
Sunday = 3 x connections*

Changing trains in: Bruxelles/Brussels and Koln/Cologne

* = Eurostar from London to Bruxelles + ICE train from Bruxelles to Koln + ICE train from Koln to Berlin.

Most of the time this will be a straightforward end-2-end journey showcasing the best of  21st century European rail travel.

However - before booking this trip it's worth being aware of the following:

(i) The connections with a total journey time of  less than 9hr 20mins are all dependent on making an 18-20 min connection between trains at Bruxelles Midi/Zuid station.

And these journeys also tend to be the cheapest option on this route.

(ii) But the connection is not guaranteed – the ICE train on to Koln/Cologne will depart no more than around 10 mins late -  irrespective of when the Eurostar from London will actually be arriving.

(iii) Though won’t have to buy new tickets/reservations, in the event of a Eurostar arriving too late in Brussels/Bruxelles to make the connection.

(iv) Though if you’d rather avoid having to change trains against the clock, alternative options are available.
See the ‘Ticket Information’ below.

The connection in Koln/Cologne:

The connecting time in Koln Hbf, between the arrival of an ICE from Brussels/Bruxelles and the departure of an ICE on to Berlin is always between 30 and 40 minutes.

There is 1 x ICE train per hour from Koln Hbf to Berlin.

Though IF the ICE from Bruxelles arrives too late AND you have reserved on the Koln to Berlin train - you can swap your reservations to a subsequent train free of charge.

Speak to the conductor on the train from Bruxelles, they may be able to arrange the reservation on the ICE on to Berlin for you, but if need be, you can use the Reisezentrum travel desk in Koln Hbf.

If you don’t have assigned seats on the ICE between Koln and Berlin, you can simply hop on to the next train to Berlin at Koln Hbf.

Train 1

  • Depart: London (United Kingdom)
  • Arrive: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Journey time: 2hr 1min - 2hr 20min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Arrive: Köln / Cologne / Koeln (Germany)
  • Journey time: 1hr 47min - 1hr 51 min

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Train 3

  • Depart: Köln / Cologne / Koeln (Germany)
  • Arrive: Berlin (Germany)
  • Journey time: 4hr 18 min - 4hr 21min approx*

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Ticket information

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