How to take the rail journey from Cologne/Köln to Hamburg

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Köln / Cologne / Koeln to Hamburg by train

Despite being one of Germany's busiest railway routes, there is no high speed line between Cologne/Köln and Hamburg, this part of country is so densely populated that it would send construction costs into the stratosphere.

Though ICE trains are increasingly being switched to this route, as they have a more comfortable ambience than the IC trains and they also convey restaurant cars.

Routes you can take to go from Köln / Cologne / Koeln to Hamburg

When travelling between most cities by train there is only one logical option, though on other journeys there is a choice between different trains or alternative routes. If different options are available you can use the info to decide which is best for you.

Choose one of the following options:

Route Information

Option 1: taking the IC, EC or ICE trains
Travel Time (approx)

3hr 45min - 4hr 10mins (approx)



Travel Info

1 or 2 x trains per hour

Route Information

Option 2: taking the Flixtrains
Travel Time (approx)

3hr 55min (approx)


Not Every Day

Travel Info

Monday = 1 x train
Thursday = 1 x train
Friday = 2 x trains
Saturday = 1 x train
Sunday = 2 x trains

The timetable

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