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About the station

Köln Hbf, the main train station in central Köln/Cologne, has a stunning location adjacent to the city's magnificent cathedral - complimented by the splendid glass roof which runs the length of the station.

Our guide to using Cologne's main train station will help make sense of navigating a space which is constantly busy - it provides insights into what to look out for when arriving and departing by train.

It also explains how to travel between Köln Hbf and both Koln/Bonn and Dusseldorf Airports by train, as well as how to access the city's Christmas markets from Cologne's main station.

Köln Hbf is smaller than many hbfs in Germany (hauptbahnhof = main city station) which makes for a constantly busy location - both in terms of people using the station and the constant coming and going of the trains.

Also worth knowing about Koln Hbf - Cologne's central railway station:

(1) It isn't a terminal station so most trains are pausing fairly briefly at Köln Hbf/Cologne Hbf on their way to other destinations.

So all platforms/track/gleis have multiple departures per hour, so it is this that can make the station a bewildering space to navigate for first time users.

(2) The entrances/exits at Köln Hauptbahnhof/Köln Hbf are at street level, but the train platforms/gleis are at an upper level.

(3) There are two passage ways beneath the railway lines that provide the access from and to the trains.

(i) The ‘A’ passage* way, the main passage way, which directly links the platforms/gleis to the main entrance - has stairs and escalators to/from the platforms/gleis - but no lifts.

(ii) The smaller ‘B’ passage* way has stairs AND lifts to/from the platforms and also gives the quickest access to/from the main taxi rank.

*You won't see 'A' and 'B' on the signage at the station - but these passage ways are marked A and B on the station map/diagram.

(4) So if you will be departing by train with heavy LUGGAGE etc and will be using the main entrance to access the station - don’t use the passage that will be ahead of you to reach the platform/gleis that your train will be departing from.

Instead turn to the left on the main concourse, go passed the main ticket hall and then turn right when you find the other passage way – this is where the LIFTS (Aufzufgs) to the platforms/gleis are located.

(5) Both passage ways have entrances to a food court - the ‘Markthalle’.

It houses a plethora of options for having a meal/snack before your journey - or for purchasing food/drink to take on to trains.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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