By Train from Berlin (Germany) to Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)

Journey Summary

Depart Berlin (Germany)

Berlin Hbf

Arrive Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)

Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel Zuid
Journey Time
6hr 43min - 7hr 3min
2  x ICE trains = up to 5 x connections per day
ICE + Thalys train = up to 3 x connections per day

There are no direct trains between Berlin and Bruxelles/Brussels.

So this journey involves taking an ICE train between Berlin and Koln and then an ICE or a Thalys train between Koln and Bruxelles..

The high speed train service between Koln and Bruxelles is split between ICE and Thalys trains.

However, DB Bahn only sells tickets when the entire journey is by ICE train and it usually has the cheapest tickets on this route (see the 'Ticket Information' below)


When looking up this journey, most of the connections involve making a transfer betweeen trains in Koln Hbf of around 34 mins.
That applies when making the end-2-end journey on 2 x ICE trains.

If possible avoid the options that involve connecting into a Thalys train anywhere other than Koln hbf.

When making the transfer between an ICE and a Thalys  anywhere other than Koln hbf, the connecting time between trains will be shorter.

Also Thalys is the only direct train service between the likes of Dusseldorf or Essen and Bruxelles - and in  comparison there are more frequent direct trains between Koln/Cologne and Bruxelles/Brussels.

Rail Pass users should avoid the journey options which involve taking the Thalys trains.

Train 1

  • Depart: Berlin (Germany)
  • Arrive: Köln / Cologne / Koeln (Germany)
  • Journey time: 4hr 18 min - 4hr 21min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Köln / Cologne / Koeln (Germany)
  • Arrive: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Journey time: 1hr 47min - 1hr 51 min

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Ticket information

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