By Train from London (United Kingdom) to Montpellier (France) - Option 1: avoid the need to transfer between stations in Paris by changing trains in Lille

Journey Summary

Depart London (United Kingdom)

London St Pancras International

Arrive Montpellier (France)

Montpellier St-Roch
Journey Time
8hrs - 8hr 6min (via Lille)

Monday to Saturday: 2 x connections per day

Sundays: 1 x connection

Changing trains in: Lille

Making the connection between the Eurostar from London and the TGV to Montpellier at Lille Europe has the major advantage of avoiding the need to transfer between stations in Paris.

You'll have to make your own way across if you choose the alternative London to Montpellier train journey option via the French capital.

This guide explains how to make the connection in Lille.

Take the Eurostar which is usually scheduled to depart from London at 06:47 on Mon-Fri and at 06:57 on Saturday and the transfer time between trains in Lille will be 1hr 37mins.

The Eurostar which departs London daily at 12:58 has a connection of around 90 minutes into a train to Montpellier St-Roch station, which departs Lille at 17:00/17:03.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, that 12:58 train also has a 32 minute connection in Lille into a train which arrives at the new Montpellier Sud-de-France station.
But that station is on the southern edge of Montpellier, so if you want to arrive at the city centre, you'll need to make sure you're selecting a journey option that arrives at Montpellier St-Roch station.

Train 1

  • Depart: London (United Kingdom)
  • Arrive: Lille (France)
  • Journey time: 1hr 22min - 1hr 43min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Lille (France)
  • Arrive: Montpellier (France)
  • Journey time: 4hr 59min (approx)

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