Nimes station viewed from Avenue Feuchéres

Nîmes Centre (Nîmes / Nimes)

The main station in Nîmes has been renamed 'Nîmes Centre' on some sources, because a new station outside the city has opened.

Nîmes Pont Du Gard is located 14 km outside the city, as it is positioned on the new extension of the high-speed line, which is to the south of Nimes.

Approximately 40% of the TGV trains from Paris to Nimes now call at this new station, instead of at this city centre station.


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Looking across the spectacular main hall at Nimes station towards the ticket offices Looking across the spectacular main hall at Nimes station towards the ticket offices
The view from one of the staircases which connect the trains to the entrance/exit The view from one of the staircases which connect the trains to the entrance/exit

The Intercités services which call in Nimes on Marseille <> Bordeaux and Toulouse route still call at this main city centre station, as does the RENFE-SNCF service to Madrid and around 50% of the TGV trains between Nimes and both Lyon and Paris.

The local and regional TER trains between Nimes and destinations to the north and east, including Avignon, also all still call at Nimes Centre, but they ALSO call at the new station, Nimes Pont Du Gard.
So these TER trains provide the public transport link between Nimes Pont Du Gard station and the city centre.

Trains arrive in Nimes on a viaduct which spans the city so at the station the voies (platforms/tracks) which the train arrive at/depart from are above street level.
Despite this access from and to the trains at Nimes is comparatively simple.
In the middle of each voie (platform/track) is an elevator (ascenceur) which connects the trains to the central hall of Nimes station, which is at street level.

Towards either end of each (platform/track) are stairs and escalators, which link the trains to the station building below – though the escalators are usually switched so that they lead upwards to the trains.

Departing by train:

If you access Nimes station through its main entrance on Boulevard Talabot/Avenue Feuchéres you will be in the central hall at the station.
Wait in the facilities grouped around this central hall, for the departure details of your train to be confirmed – the voie (platform/track) that a train will be departing from is normally confirmed 10 – 20 mins before departure.

When entering from the main city centre side of the station, there is a wide and fairy long passage way, at the rear of this hall, which leads to the trains
At both ends of this passage way are stairs and escalators which, lead up to both sets of voies (platforms/tracks)
It doesn’t particular matter which of these pairs of stairs/escalators that you use.

As at all major stations in France the voies (platforms/tracks) and divided into repéres (zones), but the departure screens around the station hall, don’t show any info about which zones the trains will use.
If you will be departing by TGV or Intercités train, you can only work out in which repére (zone), the coach in which your reserved seat will be located, once you’re actually on the voie/platform.
So you might then have to walk to the opposite end of the voie/platform for easy access to your reserved seat(s).

You don’t have to use the stairs/escalators to ascend up to the voie (platform/track) that your train will depart from, there are elevators (ascenceurs) in the middle of the main station hall – so they’re easy to find.
One elevator goes up to voies A and B and the other goes up to voies C and E (there is no voie D).

To the city centre:

Nimes station is located on the southern edge of the city centre.
The main ‘Centre-Ville’ exit from the station is on Boulevard Talabot/Avenue Feuchéres – with the latter leading away directly ahead from the station, on either side of an open space.

The Roman Ampitheater is a 5 -10 min walk from Nimes station, at the other end of Avenue Feuchéres – and then over to the left.
However, the city’s other primary Roman site, the ‘Maison Carrée is at the opposite end of the town centre from Nimes station, so is a 15 – 25 min walk away.
Though an option is to take bus lines, 4, 7 or 10, from a stop on the right hand side of the Avenue Feuchéres, to the Maison Carrée stop


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